Badges that are worn as shields by firefighters, police, and military, has a much older history than you might think of. In fact, badges were first used in the 14th and 15th centuries as a pilgrimage badge. Only after a person completes a pilgrimage, it was then given to them. Similar is the concept today, as badges define the ranking of the individual which they have earned based on their potential. For many of you, it doesn’t even matter but for these professionals, the badge is a great source of pride. Carrying a Police Badge or a firefight badge gives you the authority to tackle the situation based on your profession. 

So, with this much of attachment and importance, you always need to take care of your badge wallets in the best possible manner. In this post, we have covered a few common leather issues that you can avoid to stop badge wallet wear and tear.    

Here is a list of things that must take care of to increase your badge wallets life span. 

Moisture: First and foremost, you must always let your badges to dry slowly in case if it gets wet. Speedy drying will leave your leather to warp. For best result keep it in the form you want to end up in and let it dry naturally at room temperature.  

Natural wear & tear: With time your police badge or its case will wear, like any other leather with time. But, it’s a truth that aged and worn leather is the most desired look so, natural wear & tear is actually a good thing.  Conditioning your Badge Wallet or case is actually good as leather loses its natural oil with time. With moisturizer, you can ensure your leather product to look better and last longer.  

Scratches: Scratches not only put your badge out of shape but, also make vulnerable to even smallest scratches. To prevent this, apply some leather polish that gives it additional layer protection. But this has often resulted in the change of color of the leather, so test your polish on the inner section of your badge. For best results apply polish once in a month to ensure the best protection.    

Dirt & Dust: Last but not least, if you find a small size dirt marks or dust then remove it with the help of warm water rubbed on it with some clothes. Do not put intense pressure while rubbing the cloth, as that will remove mark by damaging the leather. Once liquid applied on the surface, let your badge wallet takes its shape on its own. 

In the Nutshell: Keep these points in your mind, as it helps you to increase the lifespan of your badge wallet. And, if you are looking for a perfect fit recessed badge wallet made out of best stuff and with great finish then 911 Gear is your one-stop destination. We offer you high-quality leather that will keep you happy for many years to come.