Lets starts with the basic knowledge before getting into the setup of amazon alexa. One should know what an amazon alexa can do and why you should have this trendy devices at your home nowadays.

Alexa is a voice assisting device with in-built hands-free speakers that is controlled with your voice. You can easily buy these excellent amazon alexa from Amazon directly. Today alexa is available on almost everywhere such as cars, wearable Fitbit, TV, speakers as well as on phone.

If you really want to buy something cheaper but excellent, then it is an ECho dot. Yeah, I know you are waiting for your answers “What can alexa actually do?

Alexa is able to play music.

Fetch information for you on google.

Also, forecast the weather information.

Delivers daily news and sports news

Set alarms

Control your smart home.

The initial method to setup the Echo:

You have two option to set up the amazon alexa these are:

Via mobile app

second, web browser

As we mentioned, we will guide you on how to download the app, know it here. Whatever be your mobile phone, Android, or iOS, you need to go to your play store and then search for the amazon alexa app and then download it.

Once you download it, then go to the setting menu to add a new device or click on +sign available over there.

An alternative is use a web browser to connect or set up new amazon echo compatible devices with your alexa. Visit alexa.amazon.com to set up a new device or want to add one more device on your existing alexa account. If any issues such as connecting your amazon alexa to wifi, contact us.

Customized its settings:

As you know, to give any command, you have to put the word “Alexa” every time before any task such as “Alexa what’s the time?”. In case, you prefer it to change it with other words like the “Echo” “Amazon”, you can easily configure that.

Start the Alexa app, tap on the hamburger menu, and then go to settings.

Tap on device settings and now configure the Echo.

Click on the “Wake” word and then enter your desired word.

Remember, Echo will respond to only four different names that are in-built- Alexa, Amazon, Computer, Echo

Similarly, you can configure the Echo’s location, set up favorite kinds of music, set up your news summary as well.