Don’t know how to use the free QR code catalogue in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Check out this post and you will find out the QR code basics.

What Is Free QR Catalogue

The free catalogue is a place where you can come to find or be inspired by all kinds of cosmetic designs for your islander.

How To Use The Free QR Code Catalogue In ACNH

1. Acquire codes

Travel over to the moonmilktv channel homepage and go to playlists you’ll find all of the free catalogue QR codes. Currently, there’s only one but eventually you’ll select a video that you want the codes from scroll down to the description box and it’s like to show more. You’ll find an itemized list of everything in the video and in the pack as well as a little information about the entire catalog, any related series background on the channel and then all the way down at the bottom, it’ll show scans with the Google Drive link by going to the Google Drive you don’t download anything, you go to a Google supported website so it’s completely safe and then you’ll go to the free catalogue option under folders. The first of all that shows model pictures from the pack so that you can see what the thing actually looks like on the character in game. And then after you select the one you want you open the corresponding folder, find the image that you want to import and then you will just hold on to that for a moment come back to that a bit later.

2. Use nooklink to scan code

On your smartphone or tablet, open or install the Nintendo online application. Once you either install the application or located it will open it up then select the Animal Crossing tile at the bottom and then a clean path will load, select designs and scan a QR code and we’ll come back to that image that we had opened previously. Then just point the camera at the QR code and it should import it straight away. You already have one, you’ll select overwrite, make sure you have your previous one in the game already.

3. Download into game

Close out of that in your game, open up your nook phone and select custom designs and then press the plus button on the tray icon to open the download option, select download and the image that you scan should be there waiting for you. Select OK and then choose a tile where you want to save your design. If you save it over something about her wits they will be then select the tile and wear and then either tops or facepaint depending on what the item is and you’ll see it on your character in the game.

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