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The packaging is one of the important tools of the product and brands marketing towards the customers and inspires them to purchase the product at the end. When it comes to the package of the food-related products, then the brands should be more focused and do extra care and consciousness in packing because the life of the food items is short due to different environmental factors and ingredients which are used for the manufacturing of the product. Confectionery items or the pastry packaging means a lot for the customers and the bakery as well for the product promotion and the customer’s engagement with the product or with the brand. Confectionery items like bread, cakes, pastry etc. have a small shelf life but other sweets, candies or biscuits shelf life can be increased if the packaging is top quality and effective.

Factors that influence the shelf life of confectionery items

We know that almost all the confectionery items include bread, pastry, cakes, pies and sweets are made up with the flour, yeast or eggs in it which may affect and reduced the shelf life of the product. Certain factors influence the pastry and confectionery items in shelf life:

• Environmental temperature: when it comes to the storage of the pastry and confectionery items the temperature has a significant influence in low temperature or heat the microorganism can grow and damage the product completely

• Heating and cooling: no doubt baking process eliminates all the microbes from the product, but when the product faces the heat or cooling above the optimum requirement, it changes the taste and the product nature.

• Environmental humidity: in our environment, the rate of moisture varies from time to time. When the confectionery items stored in unfavorable or relatively high humidity environment, it gives way to the microorganisms to activate and start multiplying which spoiled the pastry or the bread etc.

The packaging material can increase confectionery shelf life

When it comes to the pastry packaging or the designing the pastry boxes, the content, a confectioner will use matter a lot. Because the packing content can be a barrier between the product and the environment and can be helpful to control the inside setting and reducing the adverse effects of the external environmental factors on the confectionery items. So it is recommendable that a confectioner should use the modified atmosphere packaging which can reduce the growth of the microorganism and increase the shelf life of a pastry or other confectionery items.

Packaging and storage of the confectionery items

All the confectionery items like bread, cakes and pastry kind of product cannot be stored for a more extended period of time because they have a short shelf life. After a few days, the taste of the pastry or cakes changes due to its ingredient but can be stored for the little longer if stored in an appropriate environment with a pleasant temperature. But for the biscuits, sweets and candies the shelf life can be increased up to months or a year as well if the packaging of these items is correct and they stored in a right place and environment. Custom pastry boxes material should be favorable with the environment and prevent the product from the moisture, heat and humidity.

Custom pastry boxes design

Pastry boxes design is the focusing thing as well because the design of the packaging is the first impression of the product towards its customers and it builds customers loyalty and brand confidence until your customer taste the product. It would help if you designed the custom pastry boxes with the right impression of the product on the pastry boxes. The logo and food-related words or pictures feeling add the brand’s reflection for the customers. You can also offer the customized pastry boxes and the special occasion’s personalized designs for the pastry packing to add something new into your product for the customers.

Creativity in the packaging inspires customers

Confectionery and pastry boxes and packing is a massive market of variety, creativity and designing. While selecting the pastry package should consider the packaging material that can be chipboard pastry boxes, plastic or paper bags. An attractive and unique design stunts your customers and adds the competitive edge to the product and its selling. A pastry box should be like this that your customer sees the package and cannot resist buying it. A creative custom pastry boxes give the good looks to the product and increase the appetite of the customers, which make it a reliable tool for the product selling.