Do you know that about 55% of internet users watch videos on the web every day? It is expected that by 2022, the video will form over 80% of the consumer internet traffic. These statistics underscore why video has become a vital promotional tool. Video marketing for law firms is not just a supporting strategy but is slowly growing into a key tactic.

Telling a story through moving visuals can have a greater impact than creating a narrative with text only. We are not trying to discount the importance of text-based content.

However, the advancement of internet technologies coupled with the popularity of smart devices has made video the most popular content. This huge demand makes it necessary to include such clips into online marketing for attorneys.

Law Firm Video Marketing Benefits

The following are the major benefits that firm owners enjoy on effectively using moving visuals for promoting their practice.

1. Boosts Client Engagement Through Multiple Channels

Videos are naturally engaging and provide content in an easily consumable form. Moreover, you can post clips on multiple digital avenues like own website, social networks, video-sharing websites, etc. This means that you get increased opportunities to engage your audience. Make sure that you create a small and interesting clip. It does not matter whether you are talking about an important legal issue or your firm. As long as the free-flowing narrative is used with a clear purpose, it will resonate with the target audience. Even people who scan through textual content will pause to view the entire clip if it is short and simple.

2. Creates An Emotional Connection With The Audience

You can use moving visuals to build an emotional connection with the target audience, that can help you reap long-term benefits. Visual storytelling is used by marketers to encourage the audience to discover the strong points of a brand, by themselves. Lawyers must use the opportunity to portray a relatable scenario that potential clients can identify with. They must describe the struggles or pain points of an individual to create an emotional impact on the viewer. Finally, towards the end of the clip, it must be shown that the issue was resolved. A call to action at the end will not only serve a marketing purpose but also signify hope. This will help in building an emotional bond with the audience. Once a person decides to make an emotion-based decision, chances are she will stick with it for long as compared to a logic-based decision.

3. Improves Website SEO And Increases Traffic

Video marketing for law firms can improve their website’s SEO and give a boost to its traffic. As long as you post well-shot and edited clips which have been properly optimized, chances are they will appear prominently in search results. Make sure that the description and title contain the relevant keywords before a clip is uploaded. Moreover, websites that include rich videos are likely to beat their rivals without such content in search results. This can happen because Google considers clips to be high-quality content and if an interface contains such material, it may be placed higher in results.

4. Video Is An Efficient Conversion Tool

Attorneys can drive efficient conversions by strategically placing clips on their websites. A high conversion rate does not always mean that your client intake is also increasing. Not everyone who contacts your firm will ultimately hire you. There will also be some instances when you refuse to take up a case because of its unavailable nature. Visual clips can be helpful in qualifying leads and ensuring that efficient conversion takes place. Let’s say you are a personal injury lawyer and you post short videos that explain the exact definition of a medical malpractice case. This will help supposed victims of medical negligence in knowing whether their condition qualifies for legal action or not. Now, only those people who understand that their case is fit for the legal process will approach you. This means that your conversions will now coincide with an upswing in client intake.

5. Positions Yourself As An Authoritative Voice

People want to assess the expertise of an attorney before hiring. They scan the website and the content posted on it to evaluate the knowledge of the professional. However, the interest of the searcher starts to wane once she has visited 3 to 4 websites. Going through the text content can cause them to lose interest. On the other hand, people seldom get bored with watching videos unless the content is useless. Visual clips allow you to position yourself as an authoritative voice in your practice segment. Simply creating and publishing the content communicates to the audience that you have immense confidence in your abilities which has made you create such content. Make sure that your upload contains compelling content and the viewers will be even more impressed.


Video marketing for law firms is a beneficial strategy but you need to approach it in an organized manner. Create informative and engaging content and make sure to upload it at regular intervals. This will be helpful in boosting your conversions as well as the client intake rate.

Author Bio

This Article is written by Sophia is law firm SEO expert working at Conroy Creative Counsel Ltd.