HP Printer Support: Printer is an external hardware output device that accepts text and graphics from the computer or mac-book that generates in the form of output and usually Print information on the paper in the given format. And, if you have a wireless printer and want to make it an HP Wireless Printer Configuration, then you can make it in a few simple given steps:

When you will connected to the wireless network, you can print the printer to the computer on the same network with out connecting to your computer. Infact, HP printers have wireless functionality, so first check your printer supports Wireless before continuing. However, we will discuss the connections of HP OfficeJet Wireless Printer to a wi-fi network here.

How to prepare yourself for the connection?

You must collect the following data and devices before setting up HP Printer on the wi-fi network.

Collect the following items:

Name of the PC network that is the service identifier to be (SSID).

The network password also called the WPA security phrase.

A Laptop or Computer that should be associated with your wi-fi network.

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