Human psychology is the scientific study which discovers the human character, behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Panic disorder is one of the subjects studied by human psychology.

Panic disorder strikes without any reason or warning and is a very sudden and sharp response to a fear. Panic disorder can last for several minutes or even longer. Sometimes it can be called a panic attack. The fear can be caused by any potential disaster or feeling of losing control and is always mentioned by custom writing service.

In general, panic disorders can have a big influence on people’s life. They can become discouraged or have a feeling of shame. If this disorder has very serious outcomes, it can deprive people of leading a normal life, because they have a constant feeling of fear and panic even while visiting a supermarket or driving. Besides, the disorder can interfere with work or studying.

The most popular way of medication treatment involves anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants. Although it is not allowed to take them for a long time, many types of them start working right away. There is a big possibility to have side effects, so it is important to start treatment after seeing a doctor in order to have positive results.

Looking through the various sources of information, I understood that there is no explanation why some people do have panic disorders and others do not. The research shows that mostly it appears in the late adolescence or early adulthood. Therefore, that will definitely influence my future behavior in the way of being calmer. Besides, I will also beware of overreacting.

The interesting fact I discovered is that it is almost impossible to prevent panic attacks as they can occur at any time, even in one’s sleep.

Such serious life problems as alcoholism, drug abuse or depression can also become a reason for development of panic disorders. Nowadays, there are a lot of specialists who can help to reduce the risk of having a panic disorder or ease its consequences. It is very important to prevent the developing of a disorder in early stages.

In my opinion, panic disorders can be caused by a fear that appears before the opportunity for a real one. Some people just start to panic beforehand and are waiting for something to happen from any corner. That is why they live in the everyday awareness of being caught by a fear. Unfortunately, such behavior can lead to a mental health disorder.

If my friends or relatives face such problem, I will definitely recommend them to keep calm. Depending on the situation, I will try to make them see all the positive sides of any situation. If there is no result, and the new phobia appears, I will ask them to see a doctor.

There are methods to treat panic disorders with the help of psychotherapy, medication, or both of them. Cognitive behavior therapy is a type of psychotherapy that teaches how to think differently, change a behavior and response to situations with less anxiety and fear.

Basing on information about panic disorders, it can be concluded that it is of vital importance to try to keep calm in any life situations and be ready for anything the life can bring. It is impossible to predict a future danger and evaluate it properly, but people should have a more optimistic view on life’s surprises. It is known that the human physical health is closely connected with mental health. Therefore, there is a need to take care about both of them.