Hence, to fulfill the aspiring objectives of the agenda, there is a requirement of 75 million skilled people in infrastructure and construction management, making this an extremely significant and opportunistic sector for individuals. There is a heightened demand for 4 million core professionals including architects, engineers, planners, to ensure India is advancing strongly towards development.

And the scenario has only significantly evolved over the years with the fast-paced development demanding more robust and novel architecture. India has been at the forefront of architecture since time immemorial. This is evident in the rich cultural history that comprises of prowess and beautiful monuments. As per the Development Agenda of the Government, 100 Smart Cities, 40 million dwelling units, 20 million affordable homes, better infrastructure, urban development and transformation, slum rehabilitation, as well as committed ‘Housing for All’ needs to be accomplished by the end of the year 2022.

With such strong propositions and opportunities in place, there are always flourishing career options for architects the top 3 three career choices have been shortlisted as the following:

Government Agencies:

A career option in a Government organization is considered secured, full of perks, and most importantly offers opportunities that directly contribute towards the development of the nation on the whole. Government organizations such as the Public Works Department, Archaeological Department, Ministry of Defence, National Building Organization, National Institute of Urban Affairs, Housing and Urban Development Corporation and several others – as well as other initiatives planned by the Government. These are to consistently hire skilled and qualified architects to aid in development of the nation by contributing towards fulfilment of development agenda.

Private Companies:

Some leading companies in this sector include – CBRE, JLL, HILTI, MACE, DLF, Sahara, EROS Group, Gammom India, L& T, AECOM, and others. A branch of these companies, as well as some other companies individually also have opened up attractive opportunities in the sustainable infrastructure and construction management space, which is a highly demanding and upcoming field for architects in India. These companies have contributed seemingly to this sector by building world-class infrastructure that is at par with international standards. A job with private infrastructure and construction management companies is highly rewarding and interesting with newer and better opportunities.

Private construction and real estate companies offer exciting work opportunities and strong salaries to architects with quality and skills.

Consultation or Educational: Another great choice for architects is to work as consultants in this sector for leading consulting companies such as EY, KPMG, Turner & Townsend, among others. A career in architectural consulting is highly paid, progressive, and challenging since it helps you discover newer dimensions of the same stream. In addition, a qualified architect can also open his own practice to serve clients directly. Moreover, another lucrative career path is to teach architecture and produce qualified professionals who are far-sighted and focused. The career option is rewarding but requires capital investment, time, as well as undertaking risk of failure.

That said, no matter the choice of profession, there is one place you can trust to provide you the right guidance and quality education – RICS SBE.

Established in 2013, RICS SBE aims to nurture individuals through industry-led RICS courses both at the graduate and post-graduate levels including MBA in construction. RICS School is the only institution in India that offers RICS accredited courses and RICS accredited degrees in construction management. The institute is UGC recognized and supported by the Ministry of Urban Affairs, Government of India. Moreover, RICS SBE offers PMI-GAC accredited degree in CPM to ensure students have global exposure and are at par with international quality standards.

Students are provided hands-on training via site visits and a new-age digital curriculum including AI, AR, Big Data, BIM, etc. For this purpose, the school also engages in international student exchange programmes. We have identified that the RICS SBE aims to create future-ready professionals, who are also trained in allied aspects of construction management such as financing, facility and property management, project handling, contract management, etc.

According to the recent studies, RICS school has been established as the most credible source for reliable education and career growth. RICS School of Built Environment has more than 100 experienced faculty who have till date aided successful placement of more than 1700 students across India’s premier organizations including CBRE, JLL, HILTI, MACE, EY, KPMG, Turner & Townsend, thereby helping you progress brilliantly and effectively grab the best career options in the industry.