Are you thinking of taking a divorce?

Does your marriage has devolved to breaking point?

No other solution left other than to take a divorce?

Then it is heart-breaking if you are going through all this.

Marriage is a beautiful part of human life. When two people decide to stay together for lifetime they make a promise to be with each other no matter what. Some couples are able to fulfil this commitment, but some are not. And this misfortune in their life leads to the point when the only solution left is ‘divorce’.

Do you own a house or any financial security?

Do you have a biological child or children?

Has all the debt cleared?

Are a couple taking divorce in a hasty manner or it is a mutual decision?

Are both partner working or one is dependent on others?

These are some of the questions that a divorce lawyer will ask with couples going for a divorce.

Thus, in order to file for a divorce, it is advisable to try every single attempt to work on the marriage. Try to spend more time together, sort out things, fill the communication gap, or work on the misunderstandings.

But, if all these don’t work, then you must file for divorce. Taking divorce may seem embarrassing first but it is good to move away from the toxic relationship.

If you are an Australian citizen and going for divorce:

The first step in filing for divorce is to look for the best divorce lawyer in Perth whose speciality is divorce. And that’s it! Your works end here. Now the burden of all the court procedure and proceedings goes in the hand of the lawyer. You just need to give all the correct answers to his question and tell all your demands. Rest leave to him. He will fight for you and try to win the case for you.

Some major issues involved in divorce cases:

1. Child custody – Custody of the child always remains a big issue in divorce cases. Plaining for beautiful future of their children is a dream of every parent and when they get separate both fight for child custody. If you want to have child custody, then you must give assurance to the court that you are fully able to take care of the child and you have financial security for his/ her future.

2. Property settlement – Division of property and assets is another important issue faced between separating couple. After separation, the wife demands assets that belong to her. The court will decide who will get what on the basis of your past history and to whom those things belong to.

3. De facto relationship – De facto relationship means living together like a married couple but without marriage. Here agreement will include equal allocation of materialistic as well as monetary assets among the two parties.

The divorce procedure can be tough but if you are assisted by the best divorce lawyers, then this road will be easy to walk. So, if you are going for divorce then you must think twice before choosing divorce lawyers because this will put both your money as well as time.