For any company and its owner, it’s necessary to lodge the Company Tax Return because a Company is a legal entity and has its own right from its shareholders and directors. A company is a long term property for a Company owner so it’s good to lodge the Company Tax Return. Through this, they know about the income, expenses, assets, etc of their company.

People think this is a complex process but it’s not that much hard as you think. If you consult with an experienced tax accountant so things will be in your favor. At Tax Return Perth, you will get all of your answers regarding your queries and we have experienced team members who help you and assist you.

More about Lodging your own company Tax Return

Companies that are a small or large business, they have to pay 27.50% tax of their income. One of the ways to lodge the Company Tax Return Online but we recommend to firstly consult with a Tax Agent Perth and then lodge the Tax Return. We have also the experienced Tax Accountant Perth who helps you to lodge your Tax Return Online.

So basically it’s good to lodge the Company Tax Return, either you lodge your tax online or physically but it’s important firstly to concern with an experienced Accountant. A Company can not distribute losses but it can be critical in the future so it’s better to lodge your company tax on time. The Company Tax Return is to lodge every year on 31st October.

At Tax Return Perth, we are happy to provide you a free consultation to help you understand the tax aspects of your Company Income Tax Return