Choosing the right moving company daunting and is critical to ensure you have a smooth, safe and worry free move.

Here are some important factors to consider when booking a moving service.

01 Reputation and Reviews

• Search online on the company’s background, and on Commission of Companies

• Read customer reviews on their website / social media platforms

02 Licensing: Check the Credentials

• A moving company should have an active authority status in regards to their FMCSA licensing and insurance

03 Pickup Date

• Transport companies are always busy on weekends. Call them to inquire on available slots

• Some companies don’t work on public holidays, media platforms so plan your pickup date in advance

• Best to book 48 hours before pickup date (expect higher prices for express bookings)

04 Pickup Time

• Best pickup time is morning

– More time for planning and loading / unloading of transport size

• Moving takes time, so expect slow but careful approach for fragile and large items

05 Bubble Wrapping

• Always protect your ridge in bubble wrap

• Bubble wrap comes in 4 ft wide, 328 ft long

06 Shrink Wrapping

• Stretchable material to protect against dirt and scratches for small or large items

• Recommended 1 roll for every 3 large furnitures

07 Boxes

• A transport company should provide a box supply service – saves you time of finding them

• Boxes come in different sizes, get a few different sizes instead of just one size

08 Assembly / Disassembly Disposal

• Depending on your amount of items and their size, assembly / disassembly may take some time

• Decide in advance which items require this service as this incur costs

09 Disposal

• Not all transport companies offer disposal service, so use this service if they have it

• Lighten the load by getting rid of your unwanted furnitures / appliances before moving into your new location

10 Driver Details

The transport company should be transparent with their driver’s details (name, contact number, vehicle plate number)