Are you a skiing lover? If yes, then we are sure that you will always be worried about the ski board. You will think and plan on how to get the best one that fulfills all your requirements.

Do you know why you have to plan to strategize for purchasing a ski board? The primary reason is cost. The board is flat and there is nothing in it that can excite a general person but after going deep into it, there are several specifications and materials that manufacturers care for during ski manufacturing. The particulars included in the manufacturing of the ski board increases the price.

The second reason for planning is the structure that includes the length, breadth and width along with the layers of the boards. It is easy for you to decide and plan upon the measurements but the mind gets blocked when it comes to the layers. It is an in-depth study that you need to understand while selecting a ski board to fulfill your love for skiing. Even, ski manufacturing companies focus more on layers than any other factors because it is even connected with the safety of the users.

To make it easy for you to understand, here is the brief about the layers of the Ski Board:

  • First comes the topsheet

It is the topmost layer of the Ski board that will grab your eye with its print and design. After checking the first layer, you will feel like taking a closer look. This acts as a protective layer to the rest of the layers so the materials are very carefully selected. Not only look, but topsheet brings a lot of difference in the behavior and performance of the ski.

  • Second comes the composite layers

As the term suggests, this layer of the board is the composition of various wood species, metals and alloys, fiberglass and foam. The primary role of the composite layer is to provide strength to the board so that it can survive the weight of the user and the surrounding environment. The manufacturers work with several particulars and specifications for this layer during ski manufacturing.

  • Third comes the core layer

The center of the ski board is the core that majorly affects behavior and performance. For the core layer during ski manufacturing, various kinds of woods are used because they are light, strong and highly flexible. They work after lamination that is the secret in Ski manufacturing. In case the woods are not properly laminated, it will affect the strength of the ski board.

  • Fourth and last comes the base

You often check the print and design of the topsheet and just pay a glance to the base which is wrong. The last layer of the ski board is part that handles the pressure from both the top and bottom. The bases made up of plastic formulation are of two types- extrusion and sintering.

• Extruded base- Smooth but not very durable. It is not very porous so tend to be slower on the snow.

• Sintered base- The process is expensive which makes it more durable. It is very porous so considerably faster on the snow.

So, we hope that after reading the details about the layers of the ski board, you will select the right piece while buying.