Craft a unique spot in retail outlets and dominate your markets effectively through innovative and offbeat packaging boxes.

The evolution of skincare

We all pursue comfort. Modern times have divulged everyone in busy routines. Technological advancements have evolved our demands and desires for products. Where food and drinks were considered essential for living, the list has expanded to include more items deemed necessary for everyday life. One such item is skincare products. Our demand for such products has only increased over time reflecting the importance of pampering oneself with body care.

However, our love for looking good hasn’t stemmed recently, it is an age-old notion. Olden civilizations were also enchanted by beauty. They used natural materials to enhance their looks and status in society. From rice powder to natural oils and clay were used to improve skin texture and appearance. People also used honey, milk, and yogurt as anti-aging creams. During the early 1800s, exercise and skincare were held in high regard. Zinc oxide was used to lighten the skin as well as egg yolks were combined with oatmeal to diminish blemishes and cleanse the face. It is during this time that Vaseline and baby powder was introduced which too were used in skincare regimes. Afterward, the 1900s saw a boom in the demand and availability of such products. Market dominators such as Ponds, Oil of Olay, Clearasil entered the industry and set legendary benchmarks in terms of innovation in the field. The industry changed forever and keeps evolving to date. Today, this industry also incorporates sophisticated technology in eliminating marks, acne, and wrinkles among other uses.

Why individuality is important?

The love for skin comfort has given rise to a multi-billion-dollar industry which is estimated to reach a net worth of $189.3 Billion by 2025. People desire these products irrespective of their age, race, or nationality. We share a universal affection for handling our skin with care and presenting the best version of ourselves at all times. This industry experiences a dynamic demand for items. In 2016, 57% of US women recommended buying all-natural skincare products which show the growth in demand for a relatively new segment of natural and organic products in the market. Anti-aging obsession is taking over the consumer base. In 2014, Olay earned $1.3 million in selling its anti-wrinkle cream in the US alone. The figures are expected to keep rising by significant amounts as companies keep inventing new products and capturing the niche demands of customers through careful research.

Such a high level of rivalry calls for exceptional marketing skills that effectively help to cut through the competition. Individual brand image is crucial for survival in this industry. If customers do not recognize your brand among the other options then the whole point of research and production goes in vain. To recover costs and sustain a respectable level of sales, manufacturers must utilize custom skincare product packaging. This allows for tailor-made details to be incorporated in the designing of the packaging boxes while effectively radiating the brand name and logo to distinguish it from the other lot. Sellers are free to choose packages of varying specifications, sizes, shapes, and colors to create a powerful impact. Our experts are here to help in case you need any guidance in styling the most appropriate box for your products and brand. Various laminations and coatings are available to not only give out an endearing appearance but also to prevent the boxes from getting worn out easily.

Choose wisely

To make the most of your resources, it is important to choose marketing tactics that promote the brand while going easy on the pocket. Custom skincare product packaging is one such alluring option that is appreciated by customers while shopping at supermarkets. It helps to engage customers’ attention more powerfully and positively influencing them to add the product to their shopping baskets. A lot of sellers choose us as their printing partner due to the reliable and top-grade printing and packaging solutions offered at market competitive prices. Hence, make the most of your available resources by passing on all your packaging needs to us. We are just a click away from attaining exclusive packages that precisely resonate with your products and customers’ expectations.