We have reason to believe that when the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft is released, everything in the game will be changed. At least the chef developer of World of Warcraft thinks so.

In the last few months, all World of Warcraft players are looking forward to the future of this game, because more and more news related to new developments has been revealed. Blizzard tried to improve the system that some players complained about through the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft called Shadowlands, and introduced more attractive new content and new mechanisms. We can find that since Blizzard announced the name of the new expansion at BlizzCon in 2019, developers have also constantly introduced various new content for the current game, such as new environments, new characters and new mechanisms.

The current expansion of the world is called Battle for Azeroth, which was officially launched as early as 2018. At that time, many players were disappointed with the expansion, because the game provided a very bad leveling experience. The maximum level of players is up to 120, and players can only participate in the more exciting endgame contents before they reach 120, so they must endure the boring leveling process for several weeks. After 2020, the situation has improved. In order to officially end the war between the Horde and the Alliance, a new terrorist enemy named N’zoth appeared in the game. This is an old god who escaped from prison and has the power to corrode everything. This allows those World of Warcraft players who repeat the same work every day to finally have a new attack target.

What further enhances the appeal of the retail version of World of Warcraft is the opening of the Shadowlands Alpha test server. Players participating in the test can find many features and WOW Classic Gold data that will be added to the Shadowlands expansion in the game. Judging from the performance of the players, the content expanded by Shadowlands is not as mediocre as they thought.

Along with a return-to-form in systems design, the plot of Shadowlands continues the story which began in Legion, WoW’s sixth expansion. Sylvanas, the corrupt chieftan of the horde-turned-evil-madwoman has struck a pander to the eponymous Jailer, who holds together the material of the Shadowlands and rules over the Maw. The Shadowlands themselves are the worlds one enters after they die. The Arbiter, a mysterious being atop of Oribos, the undying city, sends mortal souls to numerous covenants supported the actions they took in their lives. for instance, the vampire-like Venthyr reside within the gothic landscapes of Revendreth. Sinful souls are sent to Revendreth and are made to be rehabilitated by the venthyr. If the soul is rehabilitated, it can then opt to become a component of the Venthyr or get sent to a different realm and serve it for all eternity.

Surprisingly, Sylvanas learned the secret of Helm of Domination somehow. To this end, she fought a fierce battle with the second Lich King and successfully destroyed the Helm of Domination. The channel between life and death is broken, and the most direct conflict between the present and the afterlife begins. And the biggest secret in Shadowlands has also been exposed to the player – all the original souls will be distributed in Shadowlands according to their pre-life conditions, so as to be reincarnated. Now, all the souls in Shadowlands are sent into the Maw and fall into chaos, because the Maw is mainly used to punish the most evil souls. To understand the root cause of this secret, players need to start a dangerous journey in Shadowlands and must join one of the four covenants. In order to allow players who are playing World of Warcraft Classic to get a better gaming experience, MMOWTS will serve the players wholeheartedly. At present, this professional game currency sales website is holding an event. Any player can Buy WOW Classic Gold at the lowest price on the market. Want to get more World of Warcraft Classic Gold? Please visit the official website of MMOWTS.