While mobile is becoming more important in corporate systems, many companies seem to have difficulty developing and managing mobile apps. A recent study found that companies with a digital transformation are gaining access to apps from mobile. However, there are many challenges to this problem. 70% of respondents believe that using enterprise software in mobile apps can be an opportunity for digital transformation, but at this time only 31% actually access enterprise software from mobile devices only.

So what’s wrong with the IT department’s efforts to support mobile apps?

The biggest problem is the lack of skilled staff (42%), followed by IT budgets (40%) and security (37%). At least 27% say IT is lowering the priority of their app strategy. On the other hand, corporate executives are also dissatisfied with outside consultants and development companies. 73% of respondents are developing mobile apps outside the company, but 92% of this segment feel that the project is not up to expectations. In addition, 42% said that the cost of developing an app is higher than expected, and 41% said that the cost of maintaining an app developed outside the company is higher than expected. In addition, 39% said the app was less customizable than expected.

In addition, whether you create a taxi booking app or an online store app, developing a convenient one is all the matters.

It is important to tackle the development and deployment of mobile apps along with the support for traditional enterprise applications. Mobile apps should no longer be addressed as one-off projects or low-priority projects with a minimum of time and consideration process. In the future, most users and customers will likely have mobile access to enterprise systems.