Cinema can tell difficult stories easily to influence ordinary people both socially and culturally. Some films are action packed full of emotional drama with comic punches meant purely for entertainment while some cinema have a strong social message, created to influence the audience, however, every type of cinema attracts the young minds of children. It is like a magic mirror through which we can see the present and the past of society.

Young students often dream of building a career in film making but with little knowledge and exposure, they are easily scammed and fail miserably in their search for their hinterland.

However, like any career, you need relevant education to be industry ready. Whether it is an art film or a commercial extravaganza, there are various departments that cater to the creative, financial, accounting and marketing aspect of every film.

Reason for making a career in the film industry

Indian cinema started its journey in the year 1913. It is the largest film industry in the world in terms of films produced every year. Apart from Bollywood, we have the Bengali film industry, south Indian film industry, Ad-film industry, television industry.

Film making is a tough job and success is not achieved in a day. However, if you are passionate about a film career, the next thing you require to achieve your dream is perseverance and loads of talents and marketing skills.

Job profiles and eligibility criteria

A successful film is the outcome of the cumulative endeavor of a team that consists of talented and skilled people in diverse arts. There are different job profiles that film industry needs which require skill and technical training: Actor, Cinematographer, Screenplay Writer, Film Editor, Director, Producer, Choreographer, Designer, Music Director, and Makeup Artist.

At least 10+2 qualification is a must from any recognized board of education. A graduate or diploma in related fields is highly preferred.

What filmmakers do? They tell us stories very impact-fully. That’s why they are also called storytellers. So, you need to be a brilliant storyteller with a skillful and creative eye to establish a strong foothold in this field.

Top 5 filmmaking institutes in India

1. Whistling Woods International

2. Asian Academy of Film and Television

3. Annapurna College of Film and Media

4. Film and Television Institute of India

5. Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute

Except these institutes there are many non-native distinguished institutes also teach film making.

How to start a film career

Start writing stories, learn about camera skills and shooting scenes with your mobile camera. Many bachelor’s degree programs offer students an opportunity to make short films. It is a chance for them to apply techniques and methods on the set that they have learned in the classroom. Each one have their unique style of telling a story and sending your short films to film festivals is a good way to showcase your creative imagery and build your brand.

It is very important to gain experience and learn continuously. Although working as a filmmaker after obtaining a bachelor’s degree is difficult. But working as an assistant is a good source of learning and building on your portfolio.

Highly reputed institutes might teach you the techniques of film making but practical experience is necessary. Don’t stop working on your own instinctive self-expression. With continuous learning and perseverance, you can be an independent filmmaker one day. Find out if you have storytelling skills to become a film maker, use the aptitude test for students to find the right career match according to your personality and skill set!