Tarun Scientific Instruments, We manufacture and offer different types of gear, for example, Walk In Chamber, Test Chamber, Deep Freezer, Humidity Chamber, Laboratory Bath, Environmental Chamber, Freeze Dryer, Temperature Chamber, Laboratory Oven, Salt Spray Chamber, Cold Chamber, Stability Chamber, Blood Bank Storage, Laboratory Incubator, Laboratory Furnace, Cold Room, Industrial Controller, Ultra Low Temperature Research Cabinet, Industrial Controller.

Environmental chamber

In our humidity chambers, the humidity and temperature reaches can be changed in accordance with certain breaking point for fulfilling different application explicit requests. Our environmental test frequently finds their application in battery testing, solar boards, seed and plant development investigation, and scientific labs to test of electronic parts and organic examples. Additionally, our humidity chambers are tested by quality checkers under various boundaries to guarantee the top quality and enduring assistance life.

Test Chamber

Our test chambers find their application in development, car industries, designing, drug, clinical, bundling industries, and food handling industries to approve the nature of the item. Sponsored by nonstop commitment and inventive thoughts of our specialists, we offer test chambers with various size, shape and detail.

Deep Freezer

The exceptionally qualified and experienced freezer creators at Tarun Scientific Instruments (TSI) plan and offer the inventive and energy proficient profound freezer for food handling industries and clinical preliminaries to store and protect the food items.

Humidity Chamber

Our group of experienced experts manufactures the humidity chambers utilizing the quality guaranteed materials and latest innovation according to the industrial principles of value that guarantee the dependability and security of the item. Additionally, our extraordinarily planned humidity chambers are valuable for keeping up the humidity level in the chamber to store and save the lab tests.

Laboratory Bath

Being the best ISO 9001:2015 ensured Laboratory Bath manufacturers in Chennai, our group of experts plan and offers the brilliant quality laboratory bath. To guarantee the enduring help life and dependability, we manufacture the laboratory bath utilizing the quality endorsed materials at our profoundly prepared manufacturing unit according to the worldwide quality norms. Our uniquely planned the laboratories baths are regularly find their application in exploration industries and scientific laboratories to incubate the examples throughout a more extended time span at consistent temperature. It’s likewise helpful for warming the examples in the laboratories and scientific industries. With the imaginative innovations and huge industrial involvement with this area, we offer altered arrangements and help to our customers for improving the customer fulfillment level.

Environmental Chamber

Our environmental test regularly finds their application in battery testing, sun powered boards, seed and plant development examination, and scientific labs to test of electronic parts and natural examples. Additionally, our humidity chambers are tested by quality checkers under various boundaries to guarantee the top quality and durable assistance life.

Blood bank Storage

Our blood bank stockpiling frameworks are manufactured by our profoundly experienced experts utilizing the great segments and progressed refrigeration innovation. In addition, our extraordinarily planned blood bank stockpiling frameworks are consistence with worldwide principles of value and wellbeing rules. Our blood bank stockpiling items help to save the blood at sufficient temperature for lessening the bacterial defilement. Specifically, our blood bank stockpiling items are accompanies the exact temperature control.

Laboratory Incubator

Our laboratory incubators are regularly find their applications in medical clinics, science and microbiology laboratories to keep up the particular temperature for the examples. Our laboratory incubators manufactured utilizing the superior quality material according to the global quality principles and security standards.

Freeze Dryer

Our exceptionally experienced lab hardware architects endeavor to conceptualize and execute the huge thoughts of our customers through inventive plan thoughts and latest innovations. Our uniquely planned freezer dryers are available in various size, and limits. Additionally, our freezer dryer adequately eliminates the water in examples to save the item for a more extended timeframe that empowers the item to advantageous for transport.

Salt Spray

We are offering custom testing answers for car industries, hardware industries, aviation industries, and some other industry applications.

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