A serious hazard on construction and manufacturing sites is workers falling from heights and sustaining injuries that could sometimes prove to be fatal. Therefore, using the best quality Lifting Equipment and Fall Protection Systems becomes a non-negotiable work condition. This makes the workplaces safer. Selection of the right Fixed Lifeline Systems is critical.

The companies should analyze the possible fall hazards in their workplace. Always work with a reliable company dealing in Fixed Lifeline Systems to figure out the best fall protection system suitable to the place of work. Use of such equipment is of utmost importance where workers are exposed to heights more than six feet. It goes without saying that the equipment should be inspected, tested and certified for sturdiness, durability and safety features.

One of the most reliable companies in the UAE which provides the highest quality fixed lifeline system products is Dutest. It provides all equipment (not limited to) Horizontal Lifeline System, Vertical Lifeline System, Fixed Lifeline System, and Fall Protection Systems like Fall Arrestor Block, Full Body Harness etc. Dutest has studied the market requirements regarding the need for safety at workplaces.

When the anchorage is too high to be accessed and the clearance distance is small, the situation poses a major challenge. The Retractable Fall Arrestor Blocks by Dutest prove to be an ideal fall arrestor in such a scenario.

Benefits of using good quality and tested fall arrestor blocks are

• Safety of workers is ensured

• Enhanced confidence can be seen in workers about working from heights

• Prevention of injuries to people

• Improved productivity of the workers and hence the organization

The products from the Dutest stable are the ideal fix for prevention of dangers of a fall at workplaces. This ensures complete occupational safety.

Dutest is one of the leading and most experienced as well as reliable third party inspection companies and supplier of equipment for working at construction and maintenance sites. It deals in Lifting Equipment and Safety Equipment.

Dutest ensures that it has a team that is experienced, is in sync with the market requirements, customizes the solutions for the clients and is available to the clients.