Visa Subclass 461 or New Zealand citizen family relationship visa 461 is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia for 5 years. With this visa, you can work, live, and study in Australia. After your visa application is granted then you can travel to or from Australia as many times as you want. But for this visa, you must be nominated by the Australian government or state authorities as you are only eligible for this visa if you are associated with a family member of the country’s citizen. You can also include your family member at the time of applying for the 461 visa Australia.

Documents checklist for the 461 visa Australia:

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of each person included in the application.
  • Passport-sized photographs should be of the head and shoulder with a plain background.
  • The name of the application should be printed at the backside of the photograph.
  • Candidate Should be submitted certified copies of his/her or other family applicant’s Birth certificate. The certificate must show the names of both parents of your dependent children. If a candidate does not have a birth certificate and is unable to get the certificate then:
  1. – The candidate must provide the certified copies of identification documents issued by the government
  2. – A court-issued document that verifies a candidate’s identity
  3. – The certified copies of the family book that shows the name of both the parents.
  • Copies of marriage certificate or relationship registration for candidate and anyone included in the visa application.
  • If the candidate and anyone in the application are widowed, divorced, or permanently separated, then a copy of the death certificate, divorce documents, or statutory declaration separation documents.
  • If the candidate and other applications are younger than 18 then evidence from each person that has a legal right to decide where you live – Copies of official legal documents such as a court-issued parental responsibility, access, or guardianship order.

If we are talking about the processing time for subclass 461 Generally, it takes the following to process for this –

  • 75% of visa applications processed in 25 months, and;
  • 90% of visa applications processed in 29 months

But the processing time for 461 visa can vary from the actual time due to individual circumstances. The processing time for this visa may change from time to time according to the number of applications that the department has and how much time you take to respond to any request for additional information and how much time it takes to receive and check additional information by the external agencies.

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