The JEE Mains and Advanced exams is the gateway to study in the best and prestigious IITs. There are a number of aspirants who appear for IIT-JEE every year, but only few can make it to IITs. Cracking up the JEE exam with top ranks is not an easy task. You have to study hard and motivate yourself while preparing for the final exam and to get the top rank. It is a dream of some of the students to crack one of the toughest exams and it sometimes feels difficult. But there are some students who overcame all the difficulties in their lives and passed the IIT-JEE exam with flying colours and became top rankers. These brilliant students endured all the hardships to crack the exam and make their dream a reality.

So, here we bring you the success stories of 4 such IIT-JEE aspirants who have overcome all odds to gain admission into one of the popular IITs of the country. Each story is as unique as the challenges faced by them and provide glimpses of hope to those aspirants who are going through the same phase.

Naresh Karatura who graduated from IIT-Madras despite physical challenges.

The story of Naga Naresh Karatura is really inspiring. He graduated from IIT-Madras despite being wheelchair bound. Hailing from a small village in Andhra Pradesh. Naresh lost both his legs in an accident when he was a child. Naresh was a son of a lorry driver and both his parents are illiterate.

He cracked the IIT-JEE exam and got into IIT-Madras. After graduating from IIT-Madras to join Google later.

So, if you are also the one who is thinking that because of their disability they will not be able to pass their exam, then this should not be true. Like Naresh you can also crack the IIT-JEE exam and get into the best IIT.

IIT-JEE aspirant who beat disability to get his dream job in Japan.

Rajesh Sharma who suffered from a neglected clubfoot that affects lower limbs cracked the IIT-JEE exam in 2009 to get into IIT-Bombay. He cannot afford coaching but still secured rank 20 in the physically disabled category. The son of a carpenter in Jodhpur also landed a job in his dream Japanese company Rakuten with an annual package of 32 Lakhs.

Abhishek Bhartiya from a poor background got into IIT-Kanpur

From Kanpur, Abhishek Bhartiya came from a very poor family who used to work during the day and study at night. His father used to repair shoes and mother stitched clothes. Despite financial struggles, Abhishek cracked the IIT-JEE 2010 exam and made it possible to study in the prestigious IIT-Kanpur.

An average student in studies bagged AIR 6 beating all odds

Nikhil Garg’s story is a perfect example of a IIT-JEE aspirant’s hard work and perseverance. He was an average student till class 10th who later moved to Kolkata for his IIT-JEE preparation. Despite his mother’s death, his father always supported and motivated him.

And overcoming all the difficulties, he bagged AIR 6 and got into IIT-Delhi. Today he is working for Gamma Networks.

So, these were some of the best stories which will inspire you to crack the IIT-JEE exam someday and get the opportunity to study in India’s best IIT’s. We are sure that after reading these stories you will work hard and be motivated while preparing for your exam.

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