Instagram stories allow you to share moments of your day in the form of photos and videos and that last 24 hours. What initially started as a way for individuals to share tiny peeks into their daily life, should also be leveraged by companies.

One-third of the most viewed Instagram stories come from business accounts, and 20% of Instagram stories get a direct message. If you’re not sure where to start, seek guidance from businesses that are already making waves with their use of Instagram stories.

Your brand can use Instagram stories to:

  • Show a preview of upcoming projects, collections or work
  • Encourage people to buy something
  • Show what goes on behind the scenes or day to day operations
  • Share business milestones
  • Deliver special, time-sensitive offers

And since they only last so long, make them as compelling as possible! Instagram stories make for the perfect platform to take advantage of urgency to convert customers.

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