If you are stressing because you are not able to find a good topic for your Psychology paper then keep reading. This piece of article will brighten up your mind and spark some amazing ideas for your Psychology paper.

The secret to thinking of a shining topic is the thinking process that leads to it. When you are in search of unique ideas, let your mind relax and keep track of the flow of thoughts. Sometimes the best ideas come when you are not thinking about the subject. It just clicks your mind and helps you get a brilliant idea. In this phase, some recreational activities help a lot. Indulge in something relaxing and you’ll find yourself getting a pool of ideas that you may have never thought about before.

Keep in mind the guidelines provided to you by the professor. If you are free to select any topic essay from the wide field of Psychology then it is okay. However, if you are restricted to a sub-branch of Psychology such as cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology etc. then stick to it. You can start by choosing a broad topic for your essay then narrow it down to form a particular topic. This technique is the easiest way to select a topic.

Here are a few wider topics for a Psychology paper that you can narrow down to your convenience:

Select one of the current Psychology issues that are of importance and that are affecting the field of Psychology and Psychologists both.

Current issues are the most talked about subjects that are novel and interesting at the same time. Some of the issues in psychology include depression in youngsters and older people, eating disorders in females, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, workplace issues that affect cognitive behavior and much more.

Present a biographical sketch of a famous psychologist. This requires extensive research on a recognized psychologist or any of your choices.

You can write about his or her early life, his contributions in the field of Psychology mentioning his worthy works and theories etc. Some of the famous Psychologists whose profile you can choose to write are Alfred Adler, Raymond Cattell, Erik Erikson, Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm, G. Stanley Hall etc.

Write about a renowned Psychology work or experiment that has made a significant contribution in the field of Psychology.

This is another time-taking yet very interesting subject that will increase your knowledge.

If you have keen interest in knowing about the experiments of the old times that has led towards advancements in Psychology then go for it.

Case studies on social psychology

1.Social psychology as a branch of psychological science – history of formation and development.

2.Place of social psychology in the system of scientific knowledge. Its connection with other sciences.

3.Types of relations in social psychology.

4.Main trends in the development of social and psychological research methods.

5.Sociometry as a method of social psychology, features and types of sociometry.

6.Method of group assessment of personality and its features.

7.Concept of “interaction” in social psychology.

8.Main phases and features of interaction.

9.Main types of social contacts.

10.Essence of communication as a process.