We want freedom on the Internet. We want to be able to surf without feeling threatened, without being watched and without risk of losing our valuable information. This is the main desire of network users and, of course, of Le VPN. How do we achieve this?

Freedom on the internet includes many things, including not being a victim of cyber fraud, identity theft, and other threats. At Veepn.com we talk about this on a daily basis, encouraging web users to become aware and understand why it is so important to take care of ourselves when we surf. So, once again, we’ll take a tour of the most important things to keep in mind to protect your cyber activity.

Different Threats We Users Are Exposed To

Online Money Transactions

When you make transactions, use online banking and operate with money, the dangers increase. Because it’s all about money. So, if you have a compelling need to do so, or if you’re one of those people who prefer the convenience of the Internet to buy and sell, you need to take protective measures. It’s imperative that you have layers of security in place to prevent someone with bad intentions from stealing your money or discovering your account information. That can be solved by using a VPN.


Surveillance by ISPs, Internet providers, and governments is a major problem that affects us all and there is little we can do. Recently, all the controversy over the lack of network neutrality in the United States made us realize that governments and large corporations can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, we common users are always the losers and we are just customers without a say. Virtual private networks offer that anonymity you need to prevent ISPs from controlling your activity and managing things as they see fit.

Viruses & Malicious Software

We never know where they come from and the solutions never seem to reach. Year after year we see how renowned companies fall victim to viruses and malicious software attacks. The consequences can be many, both for your devices and for you. Always having anti-virus, anti-malware, system updates and sophisticated protocols such as those offered by VPN is a big step towards avoiding this.

Identity Theft

Behind every fraud, there is a target. Nothing is for nothing. Identity theft is one of the biggest problems on the web. It can affect your life completely. Logging on to your phone or email is very easy for an expert. In a minute, your identity could be stolen. A VPN app can protect your devices, as well as VPN software, can protect your computers.


Censorship exists in more places in the world than you can imagine. This is directly related to surveillance and control over users. Why is there censorship? It is done to have control over what we do and to prevent freedom on the internet. The VPN gives you all that privacy on the internet you need and you can unblock restricted sites without any problems.

Choose a VPN like VeePN to surf the internet with total privacy and always take care of your information. It’s the time!