The number of android applications is rising in number and with the exponential rise in popularity of android devices, it has become extremely crucial for merchants to make android applications to reach out to mobile users efficiently without any hassles. However, the process of android app development might not be as easy as it sounds. Because creating a proper android app requires merchants to efficiently pre-plan their whole development process. This includes choosing the correct technologies, libraries, and maintenance strategy for the whole app development process.

Amongst the number of choices that developers and hired android application developers have to make one of the most crucial ones is choosing the right stack of technology for the database architecture. Because without the right stack of database architecture, it is almost impossible for merchants to make their application perform faster and efficiently. However, with the plethora of options available in the market making the right choice can be a quite confusing task for merchants. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into the Room which is an amazing and unique android library. But before we dive into the benefits of Room, let us take a brief look at its functionalities.

What is Room?

Room is basically an Android persistence library, it comes along with the Android Jetpack libraries to make the whole development process more efficient and hassle-free. For this, Room basically provides an additional abstract layer over the application database made out of SQLite in an android application. This as a result makes the process of working with the application’s database much easier for developers. Hence, we can say that with the aid of Room merchants can easily improve the process of android application development with ease.

Major benefits of using Room Persistence Library

Although Databases are a crucial part of creating an efficient android app. Sometimes for large-scale applications, complicated database structures can make the process of application development and management a tedious task for merchants. In such cases using libraries that would ease the app’s interaction with DB is a must. And Room Persistence library is the perfect option for such development woes. As it comes with a number of benefits and features. Below is a detailed list of some of the most amazing benefits of Room Persistence library:

1. One of the major benefits of using Room is that it reduces the amount of boilerplate code that needs to be written for inducing specific functionalities in the application. This as a result speeds up the process of android application development for merchants and makes the application lightweight.

2. Also, this library has self-explanatory documentation, a supportive community, and a very easy learning curve. This makes the Room much easier for developers to get started with and include in their development process as well. Hence, making it the perfect choice for beginner android developers.

3. Moreover, with the help of Room merchants can easily cater to their expansion needs as well. Since it is compatible with technologies such as Java, Kotlin etc. This makes the Room a must-have library for every expanding business.

To wrap up on Room

An android application is a must for merchants to make the best out of their online business. However, creating a large scale android app with traditional technologies can make the application development process messy. But with the aid of proper alternatives such as Room, merchants can easily improve their development process and create amazing android applications for their business. So adapt to Room persistence library today for speeding up the application development process.