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Apple has released iOS 18 developer beta 3 to eligible iPhone models. The platform update brings several new features, including new dark mode icons, select option in Photos app, emoji in Messages, and more. Moreover, it is the first iOS 18 beta version with reference to Apple Intelligence, according to consumer technology news website MacRumors. Here is everything new in the iOS 18 developer beta 3:

iOS 18 beta 3: What is new

Dark mode app icons

With iOS 18 developer beta 3, Apple has added new dark mode app icons on the home screen for third-party apps. According to a report by 9To5Mac, the new feature is likely using machine learning to perform image separation for app icons. App icons with white background are instantly turned into black, while some third-party apps that have simpler logos with only select colours are also getting darker theme icons. According to reports, Apple is not converting more complex icons, however, it is adding a darker tint to add the dark theme effect.

Dynamic colour wallpapers

The iOS 18 exclusive wallpapers were available in the previous release, but the third beta brings a new “Dynamic” option for these default wallpapers, which adds a colour changing effect. According to a report by 9To5Mac, the colours on the wallpaper automatically change at various points throughout the day.


With iOS 18 beta 3, Apple has combined emoji, memoji and stickers into a unified interface that allows access to all of these through icons placed at the bottom of emoji keyboard. According to MacRumors report, users can also create stickers and memoji directly from this interface. Additionally, Apple has also increased the size of the emojis within the keyboard for easier accessibility.


Photos app has received a minor yet a functional upgrade. With the iOS 18 beta 3, the “Select” option within the Photos app is now always visible. Previously users had to swipe down on the photos grid to make it appear.


The interface for the flashlight has also received an update. When a user enables the flash light, there is now a bigger interactive interface available that drops down from the dynamic island, allowing users to change the spread of the flash or change the brightness level.

RCS messaging

Apple has also updated the RCS Messages section in the Settings app that now offers more details about the service. According to reports, the toggle for enabling RCS messaging now also has additional information that explains to users that sending and receiving messages with RCS uses wireless data, and cellular network identifiers may be shared with carriers and their partners.

According to a report by MacRumors, some iPhone users in Canada have reported that the RCS messaging option is now visible to them. RCS messaging on iPhones is currently limited to the select markets.

Apple Intelligence

As per MacRumors report, the iOS 18 beta 3 code has mentions for select Apple Intelligence features such as Genmoji, Image Playground, Writing Tools, Image Wand, and more. This suggests that Apple could start rolling out Apple Intelligence features in subsequent beta releases.

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