The Consumer Technology Association, CTA, announced that at the next Forum to be held in October will focus primarily on security issues, both the forum and presentations will focus on Internet security and Internet privacy of Things. But what is IoT or Internet of Things? This concept introduced in 1999 has to do with the digital interconnection of objects that we use every day and have the Internet. And when we refer to ‘things’ we are talking about refrigerators, car parts, medicine cabinets, and all the devices around us. In part, it is a concept that is already in practice, although it has not been fully developed, and that is why the great meetings on technology are increasingly focusing on it.

The advantages that the Internet of Things can bring would be many from knowing your ip with help of, it would avoid having out-of-stock items, expired medicines, consumption would be known with certainty, it would completely manage the on and off without the need to be around, and many other things that we are not yet aware of. For this to happen, it would be necessary for things to be coded, for them to be traceable. But there is no doubt that Internet-connected devices are becoming more and more common, and perhaps technological progress in this area is imminent. Some companies, such as Cisco, have set out to develop this concept further and are looking at different possibilities to enable an object to be connected to the Internet as efficiently as possible.


Machine-to-machine Internet security includes a wide variety of security protocols and applications. Therefore, long-term research is needed, as it is a complex system. In the meantime, if you are interested in protecting your Internet security, which should be your concern, here is what you should do to protect yourself. If the CTA has decided to bring up the subject, imagine that it is something extremely important. Many times we overlook this and don’t realize how much risk we run when we connect to the Internet, when we use a public wifi network, when we share a connection, when we don’t protect our devices properly… The measures to take are several, but we offer you a VPN connection, a virtual private network, which will protect your Internet security.

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