Can you imagine going through a single day without your phone to help you? Probably not, and especially so, if you have an iPhone. In terms of brands, an iPhone is one of the most popular phones available today. Despite being a sophisticated, technologically advanced and high-end phone, it is not immune to common damages though. You might drop your iPhone and break the screen, or the camera might stop working, or the touch screen might lose sensitivity, etc. When this happens, you have a choice – either you can get the phone repaired or replaced. Here are a few instances when it is better to choose iPhone repair rather than replacement or a new phone.

Broken screen

When it comes to iPhone screens, it is always advisable to use a screen guard. This will protect the screen from cracks in case it falls. However, sometimes, the screen may still develop cracks if it falls from a sufficient height or gets crushed under a heavy object. The good news is that a broken screen is relatively easy to fix and replace. It also does not take much time and you can have your phone back and functional in a few hours.

Dead battery

Every battery has a certain lifespan, and it is no different for iPhones. This means that eventually, recharging it once a day will not be enough to power the phone for 24 hours. This is a common reason why people get a new phone, but replacing just the battery will be much more economical. The cost of replacing a battery depends on many factors, like whether or not the battery is under warranty, the iPhone model, etc.

Non-functional home button

Unlike the phones of yesteryears, modern iPhones have a single home button. Everything else functions through the touch screen. This home button is important for navigating through apps and rebooting the phone if it hangs. The failure rate of home buttons is not as high in newer models as it was in the older models, but it still does happen. So, if your iPhone is relatively new and you like how it operates, this button can be easily replaced with a new button. Just contact a reliable iPhone repair center for the same.

Camera not working

As you know, phones aren’t just for calling and messaging people, but they are also a way to journal your life and capture precious moments. So, the camera of the phone is an important selling point. Naturally, if the camera stops working, it’s a cause of worry for many users. However, this should not be enough reason to replace your iPhone. Many independent service providers that offer iPhone repair services can help solve camera-related issues. If need be, the camera lens can also be repaired or replaced.

While contacting a service center or provider is ideal for the major issues stated above, simpler problems like the malfunctioning of Bluetooth, phone not charging, or a stuck volume button etc. can be fixed at home. However, there are some instances when opting for iPhone repair services might not really help. For example, if your phone happens to fall into water, there isn’t much you can do to fix it. In such instances, you might have to get a new phone. Consulting a trusted repair store before that is recommended though.