Answer is yes. l And also No.

Because most of the world is continually evolving, nothing is ever 100 per cent evergreen.

For example, as new ideas and approaches surface, even your post on “how to start a business without money” can get out of date.

When Google launches new algorithms, a post on the SEO will change.

But have no worries.

What you need to do when you write evergreen content is change your posts every year, or so.

A tiny refresh is all it takes for your content to once again be important.

Here’s how to do it.

1. See Your Stats & Links

Go through your content, and update your statistics.

Click on each of the links to see if they still exist.

Note, Google detects data outdated and links broken.

Your audience does the same.

2. Review Aim to User Search

The purpose to search is the reason behind every online quest.

Anyone who types keywords into the search bar of Google is looking for something and it is your job to fill in that need.

The problem about the intent to check is that it varies over time.

When you want to keep your content interesting, make sure that it always matches the current search goal of your audience.

3. Ask why you are outranked

Is your content of other awesome posts falling behind?

Tell yourself why it is so.

How much more beautiful is their content than yours?

What is their content that you’re lacking?

Boost your Amazing Evergreen Content Google Rankings

As a content marketer, you want to create content that has long been gaining a lot of links and ranks on Google.

And you don’t want to write every minute of your life, to produce 10 or 20 posts a week.

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