Melamine is a chemical compound with several uses. It is used to manufacture dinnerware, glues, laminates, etc. It is used in the form of hard plastic when it comes to making dinnerware out of this material. Melamine can be produced in different styles and colours. You may use it in a wide range of settings.

About Melamine

Melamine is a plastic component used for making tableware. It is formed into melamine resin when added to formaldehyde. This component can be easily moulded when heated for creating tableware. Today the market is flooded with melamine dishes, though not many know about this component. Melamine cups, plates, and bowls are highly durable and crack-proof. You will find them in varied patterns, shapes, and colours.

How safe is melamine for everyday use?

Several reports have highlighted the health hazards of the tableware crafted out of melamine. But according to the reports of FDA on Melamine Safety and Risk Assessment, it safe to be used as tableware as the chemicals used in creating this component do not get transferred or migrated into the food until its temperature is less than 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the quality of the element depends on the melamine supplier from whom it is sourced.

Melamine is entirely dishwasher safe. High-quality melamine tableware can easily handle dishwasher-friendly water temperature. Plus, the heat-retaining property of melamine allows it to dry faster in comparison to glazed dishware. Moreover, there is no risk associated with microwaving food in a melamine plate, given the microwave is set at low temperatures. Avoid heating acidic food melamine containers.

Is melamine dinnerware easily breakable?

It is hard to break Melamine dinnerware, but there chances of chipping if the dishware is not handled correctly. However, the good part is that unlike porcelain or bone china dinnerware, the ones crafted out of melamine do not shatter easily if they drop on the floor accidentally. Melamine is very durable in comparison to dinnerware created using other materials.

The replacement rate of melamine dinnerware is relatively low because of its durable and sturdy construction. You can save a considerable amount of money on buying melamine dishware for everyday use. The yearly replacement rate of melamine is somewhere between 12 to 20%. Moreover, melamine is resistant to breakage and scratch marks. However, it is advised to keep it away from knives and forks for extra care and longer shelf life. Ensure high-quality melamine dishware for daily use. It will help save your money in the long run.

Is melamine tableware stain proof?

Melamine tableware leaves stains but not after one or two uses. It may lose its lustre and shine over time, and eventually, stains appear with daily use. Also, it is difficult to remove the stain from the dishware. However, the staining issue can be avoided if it is properly handled and cleaned correctly.

Melamine dishware is crafted using hardened resin; hence they are prone to scratches and stains. However, it’s almost impossible for melamine tableware to break, but it may chip from the edges. Avoid handling it roughly to save the dishware from daily wear and tear.

Melamine dishware is recyclable.

You’ll be amazed to know that most of the tableware sets available for sale are made using recycled materials. Nothing is better than having dishware that’s recyclable, durable, and good looking at the same time.


Melamine dinnerware is perfect for daily use. But make sure to avoid using knives or forks on melamine products. They aren’t ideal for a conventional oven or microwave oven. Additionally, avoid metal or steel cleaners/scouring pads for cleaning melamine dishware. It’s best to use a sponge or soft scrubbing pad for such products.