What are the chances of you returning home after a hard days of work to find your house in a total mess? The reason for these could be a number of reasons. Some of the reasons can be that you have a very tight schedule that makes it difficult to allocate time to ensure your house is in prime condition. Few of the other reasons could be that you have a kid or two and we all know they would to leave a path of messy things as they wander through the house. Some people might suggest hiring a cleaning service but that costs money. Money that some households might not be able to afford. However, keeping your house is not as huge a task if you adhere to certain rules and tricks. You should also be flexible enough to change some of your routines and start some new habits. While these might sound tough, the long term benefits are usually worth it.

Image Source: Pexels

One habit you need to get accustomed to, is to try and make your bed and dust it first thing in the morning, as soon as you are off it ideally. This might seem killing to do right in the morning but as with most habits, the task gets significantly easier as you do it. Make it a point to teach your family members and kids to follow this routine. It only takes about a minute or two of your time to do and it’s a process that can have a great effect on how your house and especially bedroom looks and feels.

If you are always dealing with shattered plates due to your little kids dropping them, consider going for plastic plates. You can get them at brick and mortar stores at your closest market you can shop for dinner sets online.

Try to enforce a rule where people who take a particular thing are responsible with keeping it back in its place or in the place where it was supposed to be kept. This seems easy when you think about but it is something that takes time and effort to enforce regularly. The above mentioned technique takes a large chunk of responsibility off your shoulder and ensures everyone helps to keep the house neat. In the process it reduces the work load on you.

Moving on to the outside, especially the front of the house needs to be in pristine condition as this is the first thing any visitor the house sees. If you have a garden or gardens, take the time to trim the grass to acceptable levels and ensure this level is always maintained. Do not forget to trim the sides of the garden too as the grass can grow along the wall. Look for weed in the garden and make it a point to remove weed as soon as they appear. Not only is weed unsightly but they can also kill off grass and other plants and flowers you have planted in the garden.