The moment of decision making of driving drunk could be a life-changing moment for you, not in a positive but in a negative sense. Driving drunk can have a devastating effect on your life as well on the life of others. It can lead to serious consequences. You will have serious penalties. Your social stature will be ruined. It will cost you money and time. However, there are several precautions that will minimize your problems.

What does driving drunk mean?

All over the USA, blood alcohol concentration (bac), which means driving under influence is 0.8 percent, and for those who drive for commercial purposes are 0.4 percent. If legally your blood alcohol concentration (bac) crosses the limit, it means you are driving drunk.

Although driving drunk falls under DUI offense and a DUI defense is a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is not considered a serious crime in the USA, But having someone killed makes it a felony, which declares it as a serious crime.

What is DUI Manslaughter?

If you are driving under influence and you have met an accident that has caused the death of another person. Although the DUI driver did not kill intentionally, yet he will receive the charge for the murder and will be considered the main cause of the accident.

Charges and punishments for DUI manslaughter are different in different states. There are two main categories.

Accident by ordinary negligence

This is the case in which the accused driver’s small negligence has led to the accident. For example, the driver might be using his/her cell phone that led to the

accident and resulted in a homicide. This is called an accident by ordinary negligence.

Accident by gross negligence

In this case, the cause of the accident is the higher negligence of the accused driver. While having in influence, the accused might be driving on the wrong way of the road that has led to the death of a person. This condition is called an accident by gross negligence.


There are slightly different laws in different states of the USA; however, here are some general penalties for a DUI manslaughter.

Suspension of license.

Compensation of the victim.

Long imprisonment.

Special work environments.

Damage to social stature

Having convicted for a DUI manslaughter is not a normal thing that society can consume. It is a felony, and people who are found guilty for such cases lose their reputation. Their social stature comes down. If you are convicted for such a crime, you will lose friends and your neighbors will stop bothering you. They will not socialize with you anymore. This is a worst-case scenario because having completed your punishments, still, you don’t find a place in society. You will not be able to get the desired job or a new house. Because companies and landlords ask for criminal records before hiring for a job or giving a house for rent. In such cases, you will feel low about your life and things can get worse. This consequence of such a crime is inevitable.

What best can you do about this?

The best solution to solve any problem is to avoid the problem. Let’s not get philosophical. You should not drink and drive. It is as simple. Driving drunk means you are putting several lives in danger.

Hire a good felony lawyer.

A competent felony lawyer will analyze the prosecution case and the evidence thoroughly. Felony lawyer will have no stone unturned in attempting to know the flaws, shortcomings and inconsistencies in the prosecution case. A criminal case is often built upon smaller evidence. Sometimes police gather evidence and think that that evidence is very important for the proceeding of the court. They rely on that particular evidence. However, their assumption about the evidence that it might be fruitful against the accused. A good felony lawyer will know the weaknesses in the evidence and will use it against prosecution. If the flaws with the prosecution case are known at early stages, it allows felony lawyers to put written submissions to the prosecution team throwing lights on the flaws and shortcomings in the evidence and recommending a discontinuance of the charges on public interest. If defense lawyer’s submissions are accepted, then you can move on with your life and go beyond the stress and pain that you face due to criminal proceedings that could have spoiled your reputation.

A criminal defense attorney will help you save your time and money.

Court procedures are often considered as a time-consuming procedure. It also wastes your money besides time. A felony lawyer can save your hard-earned money and precious time that you can use in your future for productive tasks.

A felony lawyer can help in Expungement. In post-conviction times, it is not at all easy to find a job or a house just because of the criminal record. Expungement is a process of cancelation of a criminal record. Whether you were arrested or convicted, the removal of the record is called expungement. This is the best way to get rid of the label of being convicted. To avail of this opportunity, you need a good defense lawyer. A felony lawyer will not leave you alone even after getting convicted. He can suggest the best way through which you will get an expungement.

You can get a Certificate of actual innocence. A Certificate of Actual Innocence is a more powerful form of expungement. It not only removes the criminal record but also explains that it should not have existed. Let’s say that you were convicted of a crime in the past. Now you appear for a job interview and the interviewer asks you a question that have you been convicted for a crime? In this case, you can say ‘NO’ without lying.

With the above solutions. It means having done a criminal act, by mistake, does not mean you are done with your life. There is still hope for you. You can save your life by taking these measures and stay happy yet. Just make sure you don’t drink and drive at the same time and if it has happened, try not to do it again.