Experience a whole new level of internet speed with the Windstream Gigabit Internet Plan! You can revolutionize your home with the Windstream Internet plan

What is Kinetic GIG?

  • One gigabit per second equals to 1000mbps providing a next-generation internet
  • The Kinetic ultra-speed internet is provided by the means of fiber connection
  • Kinetic GIG uses fiber-optic wires that run strain into your home
  • Moreover, Kinetic GIG offers you amazingly fast identical download and upload speeds

Windstream Kinetic GIG Internet plan

  • You can avail of this Windstream internet plan for a mere price of $55/month
  • This Windstream Internet plan is currently available in 16 states of the USA
  • You can complete any task at an ultra-fast rate
  • You can download, watch, and share amazing quality HD movies in a jiffy
  • Experience awesome speeds while you are gaming online with this Windstream Internet plan
  • There is no contract whatsoever with this Windstream Internet plan

30-day money-back guarantee

  • Windstream Internet offers you deals unlike any ISP you have seen
  • In case you want to discontinue your Windstream Internet plan before 30 days, Windstream refunds your money
  • Yes! You have read it correctly, that’s how much trust Windstream Internet has on its service!

Windstream Shield Security

  • Along with lightning-fast internet plans, Windstream also offers you security solutions
  • You can choose any one of the Windstream Shield Security plans and lead a stress-free life
  • Your data and browsing will be highly encrypted and protected so that no one may try to misuse your information
  • Windstream Shield Security plans start from just $6.99/month

If you have any further queries regarding Kinetic GIG Internet, feel free to contact our customer service @+1-855-667-3180