The kitchen is indispensable in every family, but many new decorators think that the design of the kitchen is really complex. Let’s introduce a few cases of decorating the kitchen to make the kitchen decoration simple and make the best use of the kitchen.

1. Apply Embedded Kitchen Appliances

The lampblack machine embedded in the cupboard can be opened and used when needed. When it is closed, it will be seamless, as if all frying and frying have never happened. Compared with the traditional range hood, it not only saves a large space, but also has more humanized operation.


2. Don’t Let Go Of Space

For the small kitchen in the house, every gap is very precious, so we must use the space in the kitchen to the extreme in the spirit of never letting go. The triangle cabinet or corner cabinet is your right-hand assistant, which not only fully mobilizes every inch of space, makes reasonable use of the corner, but also visually makes the kitchen look more complete.


3. Expand Space

Design the kitchen to be open or semi open, so it will look much more spacious. Many people will open the kitchen and balcony, or open the kitchen to the living room, and then plan to allocate space.


4. Choose The Right Kitchen Utensils

Folding tables and chairs, stacked storage shelves, electrical shelves, etc., are all the heroes of the kitchen transformation. Hanging on the wall of the cupboard and ceiling hook and other storage tools, effectively saving a lot of space, but also let the kitchen space clean and tidy, easy to operate a lot. The cupboard with glass door makes the small space no longer oppressive and convenient for operation. In addition, the storage cabinet at the bottom of the stove also has a large capacity.


5. Use Bright Cool Tone

The decoration of small kitchen is best to use bright, cold and soft colors, and try not to use heavy and dim colors, so as to make the visual field more open and avoid the feeling of depression and stagnation. In such a kitchen to do housework, you’ll get a relaxed and cheerful mood, so that can relive your pressure of the whole day.

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