Endless varieties of carpets these days can make a buyer confuse on what to buy. But if one take a moment to know about the varieties available in the market and learn from them, then it can become easier for them to make a decision. There is nothing better than understanding the options that are available. Once this is done, one can finalise their choice.

There are some great carpet suppliers in India where one can be spoilt for choices.

First let’s talk about the carpet samples that are available. The two most common kinds of carpet types are the loop piles and the cut piles.

Cut Pile

This carpet is very durable because of the fibre that is used to make these. They are very dense and the tufts are good when they ate twisted and yarned. Here are five popular types among the cut piles.

• Plush

This one has a very even and smooth finish. It gives a very formal look to the space.

• Textured

They are made from low density fibres and they are also of uneven heights. It has an informal look and it also does not get dirty fast. It is more apt for public spaces.

• Saxony

They have a very even and smooth finish. Also the fibres that are used are longer than the plush and the textured ones. But they are the delicate ones and can be used for domestic purposes only.

• Frieze

These carpets are made from ling fibres and they have more twists. Also it is good for hiding foot prints and the carpets can bear a lot of pressure. They are suited for public spaces but not suitable for high traffic areas.

• Cable

These carpets are mainly made from longer and thicker fibres. They give a very cosy feeling when one walks on it.

Loop Pile

In these types of carpets, the loops are made visible and they are very durable. This type is mainly known as the all purpose carpets and they are available in a variety of colours. They can have level loop pr multi level loop.

• Berber or Level Loop

They are made from short looped fibres and they have a very durable surface. These carpets are perfect for high trafficked areas and there are some colour flecks in the fibre. As a result, they can hide dirt easily.

• Patterned Multi Level Loop

They feature loops of varying heights and they also create a texture or a pattern.

• Cut and Loop

This one is a perfect mixture of loop pile and cut pile fibres. Also the variant that are made for a textured appearance are perfect for the high trafficked areas. These carpets and easily hide stains and dirt.

Once these varieties are clear to a customer they can make a decision on what kind of a carpet to buy. They can easily differentiate between the domestic carpets and the commercial carpets.

Carpet grass suppliers in India are also available if one wants a natural look.