Preparing to upgrade, rework, or install a fire alarm system for the first time can be understandably high pressure. Fire alarm systems have a lot of intricate parts, are heavily regulated, and are relied on to protect the inhabitants of your building. As with any high-importance system, it is remarkably important to ensure you are utilizing the best quality supplies you can get. This article’s purpose is to explore one of the leading brands manufacturing fire alarm system supplies: Belden. Belden Fire Alarm Cable is some of the best in the world, and there are a few important reasons why. Keep reading to learn more!

1. A History of Industry Leadership

Belden has been in the business of creating cables, wires, and electrical system tools for over a century. Their history, though, isn’t just long; it’s decorated with numerous achievements, innovations, and paradigm shifts. Belden has repeatedly been the company pioneering new designs of cable insulation, cable connections, and cable design principles. As an example, Belden invented the soft rubber plug, a flexible plug insulation that would go on to see widespread use in homes and businesses throughout the mid-1900s.

With such a storied history, Belden has won worldwide respect for their quality and forward-thinking designs. Their manufacturing has expanded continually throughout the decades, letting Belden produce their cables, including Belden fire alarm cable, in great enough quantities and with high enough quality to keep up with growing demands.

2. A Policy of Walking the Walk, not Just Talking the Talk

One of Belden’s long-time company policies has been a staunch stance against the short-term warranty. Instead, Belden offers, at minimum, twenty-five-year performance guarantees on their cables. Some of their products even have lifetime guarantees. This kind of company policy displays confidence and ethical commitment to their products.

When building a fire safety system, you need supplies from a company that believes in their product and is willing to put their reputation on the line for them. Belden fire alarm cables come backed by a company with a strong stance of standing behind their products at the risk of their own profitability and their own reputation. Despite their generous warranty policy, Belden has continued to grow and succeed, which might just indicate that their products really do last.

3. An Ethical Approach That Works Outside the Box

One of the biggest reasons to consider Belden fire alarm cables beyond their quality is the approach Belden takes in regard to ethics. Belden has, on numerous occasions, reiterated their belief in environmentally-conscious design and ethical practices in manufacturing. In the description of their company on their website, they state that they see themselves as having a responsibility not only for their personal function as a company, but for the ethics of their partners, for the safety and ethics of their manufacturers, and for the well-being of the communities their products are used in.

Belden products are designed with the big picture in mind, and that is the sort of philosophy you want to have on your side when you are looking for supplies for a safety system. Fire safety systems need to be as future-proofed as possible and need to last in order to protect the inhabitants of your building effectively for as long as possible.

If you’re ready to get to work but don’t know where to buy, come visit us today at We are a team of professionals working to help other professionals, and we have all of the certified, quality cables you need, Belden cables included. If you have any questions, we have knowledgeable staff on hand to guide you to the right option.

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