1- Never message your customers before asking for permission from them

2- Make your list as crystal clear as possible so your customers can easily know what your list is about and what you are up to.

3- Never try to annoy your customers when they don’t respond to your text messages promptly. Make it a rule and never send out more than 5 messages if they don’t reply.

4- Make it easy for your customers to opt in and out of your text messaging program whenever they like.

5- Don’t forget to include clear instructions about everything that customers may need while learning about your program.

6- It’s highly recommended to use a simple language that’s free of abbreviations or any complications so you help your customers to get the most out of your text messaging program.

7- Make sure your customers are getting exciting, fresh, valuable, and high-quality information that will be surely useful for them.

8- One of the most important text message marketing best practices is including disclaimers like “Message and data rates may get utilized” in your introductory opt-in language

At the end of my post, I hope that you enjoyed the reading and learned something serviceable and useful from us. Thank you.