Legionfarm raises $5.9M to connect pro gamers with wannabees

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Legionfarm has raised $5.9 million for its service to connect ordinary gamers to extremely-skilled experienced gamers about the world. The thought is to support spread the abilities of hardcore gamers to the wannabees who would adore to get recommendations on how to get busy.

Legionfarm connects gamers to extremely-skilled pros all more than the world to kind winning teams. So, rather than filling that last squad spot with a random (random player) with no mic, you get a person who will really contribute to a win.

The income came from SVB, Y Combinator, Scrum VC, Altair Capital, Kevin Lin (Twitch), Ankur Nagpal (Teachable), and other people.

The San Francisco corporation employs nearly a thousand pro gamers globally, who make true income as mercenaries in games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, and The Division. Legionfarm is assisting men and women make true income playing videogames — everybody from a kid on a goat farm in Russia to a man recovering from knee surgery in Iowa. I could unquestionably use some support finding more wins by teaming up with the pros in Warzone.

Image Credit: Legionfarm

In an interview, founder Alex Beliankin stated the onboarding course of action for pros is extremely automated, so skilled players are in a position to promptly and quickly monetize their talents. Experienced players command up to $17 per hour, and might operate as tiny or as considerably as preferred.

“We let gamers pay to play together with the pro players, helping them have more fun in games and to find a good teammates,” Beliankin stated. “We mainly operate in battle royale games as well as massively multiplayer online games. It’s really a more entertaining way to play a game.”

Beliankin stated that Legionfarm that gamers have the opportunity with Legionfarm to turn their hobbies into effectively-paying jobs. They can get matched with squads from all distinctive walks of life, and coach much less-knowledgeable players — producing them far better at the game and delivering reputable, enjoyable companions to play with.

Founded in 2016, Legionfarm previously raised $1.5 million in 2019 from TMT Investments and Denis Smetnev (Vimbox). Altogether, the corporation has 80 complete-time workers, not counting the active pro players. The improvement group is in Russia.

“The pro gamer is working full time as if that was their job. And their job is to be a good teammate,” Beliankin stated. “It’s very important to match players’ personalities.”


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