The fast-moving world of technology is also pushing the competition to a new height. With so many things introduced, it’s important that property developers leverage the technology to grow in their industry. According to Eamon Charles Lowe, there are property developers already taking advantage of digital technology. If you are not one of them, here’s how you can start.

Marketing has been a challenge for property developers from the very beginning. Only those can thrive in the competitive market who can update their ways to market a property.

The industry has taken a shift since customers now hardly believe in misleading practices such as using words like ‘bespoke’ and ‘luxury’.

Eamon suggests that technology can be leveraged to market property and reach buyers or sellers. Not only this is the new normal but it also gives the buyer or the seller time to make up their mind whether to check out the property personally or give it a thumbs down right from there.

Sometimes property developers make use of their own websites so well that they sell properties right from there. Putting 360 video tours of properties, mentioning every specific detail can be really helpful for buyers.

Eamon Charles Lowe