Lumanu raises $12M to simplify company for the creator economy

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Lumanu has secured $12 million in funding to simplify the company of the creator economy, which consists of persons like Twitch livestream celebrities who are gaining major followings and disrupting standard media.

Thanks to platforms like Twitch and YouTube, creators and influencers have generated an estimated $104.2 billion economy, but they could use more aid obtaining their corporations into superior shape. And Tony Tran, CEO of Lumanu, mentioned in an interview with GamesBeat that his enterprise has constructed a platform so that creators can get factors carried out, from collaboration to working behind the scenes on company matters.

“Our vision long term is we want to be sort of the business companion for creators, no matter where they are on their journey,” Tran mentioned. “They could be just starting out, incorporating their LLC, opening a business bank account, or making seven-digit incomes. Our sweet spot is those who have transitioned from doing this as a hobby to doing this as a full-time job.”

In the previous nine months alone, Lumanu has seen considerable development of its network as more creators come to comprehend the worth of their content and embrace each creativity and entrepreneurship, Tran mentioned. As creators elevate their corporations, this puts a higher emphasis on collaboration with consumers, workers, and vendors. That can get complex.


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Image Credit: Lumanu

Tran mentioned Oakland, California-based Lumanu provides the flexibility essential for creators to scale their corporations via pressure-totally free options that set them up for accomplishment. Through this form of empowerment, Lumanu hopes to drive a inventive revolution that not only transforms the way the business operates, but puts creators in the driver’s seat.

“Our thesis is that the creator economy is a multiplayer game,” Tran mentioned. “It’s not one creator doing things on their own. There’s a lot of collaboration behind the scenes.”

Raising dollars

Image Credit: Lumanu

Origin Ventures led the round, with participation from Alumni Venture Group, Gaingles, and 500 Startups. The enterprise also announced Origin Ventures companion, Scott Stern, will join Lumanu’s board of directors.

Christy Carlson Romano is a social media star, singer and actress finest identified for her roles in Even Stevens and voicing the title character in Kim Possible. She mentioned in a statement that her passion of creating YouTube videos for fans is also her company and the business is not generally set up in a way that supports creators. She mentioned Lumanu has been invaluable to her by eliminating so numerous of the discomfort points on the back finish that she – and every single creator – generally face when operating corporations. This form of help added benefits all creators and aids create a stronger creator neighborhood in which absolutely everyone can participate, she mentioned.


Tony Tran is CEO of Lumanu.

Image Credit: Lumanu

CEO Tony Tran began the enterprise with his cofounders Nhan Nguyen and Paul Johnson in 2017. He was sitting with his cofounders at a ramen joint in San Francisco. He and Nguyen had been ambitious immigrants who grew up in South Carolina and paved distinctive paths into the tech world. Tran had made his way to becoming a solution manager at Google and then worked at McKinsey &amp Co. They all brought distinctive ability to the startup.

“What was really exciting for us at the time was how the landscape of entrepreneurs was changing,” he mentioned in an interview with GamesBeat. “Software developers, web developers, and designers are now moving to a world where there are a lot of independent creative entrepreneurs who were making a lot of money, and then building a great community and making great content on YouTube and Twitch.”

Their interest in this new way of shaping careers and participating in a new economy was piqued, and they figured out how to aid resolve issues for these creators.

“It could be between a model and a photographer; it could be between a YouTuber and an editor,” Tran mentioned. “That really amazing Twitch stream might have a couple of people behind the scenes helping out, and a bunch of creators working with other creators, working with marketers, or brands, managers, and editors. And we’ve really built the platform that I think is the first true multiplayer experience for creators and their collaborators.”

Now Lumanu has more than 40 workers and it has raised $16 million to date. Tran hopes to double the employees. Their consumers incorporate Snoop Dogg and Jessica Alba. But numerous are in a sweet spot, ranging from $80,000 a year in earnings to $500,000.


Lumanu can set up payments for creators and their collaborators.

Image Credit: Lumanu

“It’s an incredibly hairy world. And it’s one that when you don’t have it organized, and working with you, it is incredibly stressful,” Tran mentioned. “You wonder how to increase your earnings or get credit or pay people.”

It’s not as opposed to Karat, which lately raised $26 million to advance credit to influencers and creators.

Lumanu lately introduced EarlyPay, a remedy that lets creators get paid instantaneously. EarlyPay enables creators to effortlessly send invoices and instantaneously get payments for brand collaborations, as an alternative of waiting the customary 30 to 60 days — or worse, not obtaining paid due to lack of familiarity or compliance with an invoicing or buy order course of action. The platform also enables customers to share and defend their brand, a course of action that can be complicated and challenging to unwind if handled incorrectly.

“We’ve heard of horror stories where creators didn’t get paid on time, and barely could make payments to their people,” Tran mentioned.

Scott Stern, a companion at Origin Ventures, mentioned in a statement that the development of the creator economy has been astounding. He mentioned these self-made solo entrepreneurs are contemporary-day hustlers that brands use to attain two generations of digital natives. He mentioned Lumanu has designed an operating technique for creators to collaborate with consumers, brand partners and one a different speedily, intuitively, and seamlessly across the whole lifecycle of a project, from the incredibly starting via final payment.

“As the world evolves, we’re just seeing this sort of democratization of content, with a lot of freelancers and individual creative artists making money whether it’s on social platforms, through sponsorships, or even just doing business transactions,” Tran mentioned. “I think the addressable market is just so much bigger than even the $30 billion YouTube paid over the last three years.”

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