The magnetic stirrer is employed in various biological laboratories, involving microbiology laboratories also. A magnetic stirrer hot plate is a laboratory tool including moreover a rotating magnet or motionless electromagnets making a revolving magnetic area. This tool is employed to create a stir bar inserted in a liquid to rotate very fast, agitating or stirring the liquid. A magnetic stirrer generally involves a stipulation for warming up the liquid.

Hot plate stirrer is generally used in labs, particularly in the area of biology and microbiology. They are selected over gear-driven mechanical stirrers as they are quieter, more competent, and have no moving outer parts to break or tire out (apart from the easy bar magnet itself).

Because of its tiny size, a stirring bar is more simply cleaned and purified than different stirring tools. Magnetic stirrers ignore two big issues with powered stirrers. Initially, powered stirrers employ lubricants, which can pollute the reaction vessel and the artifact. Second, in powered stirrers, the sealing of the link amid the revolving shaft of the stirrer and the container can be difficult, particularly if a closed system is required.

Magnetic stirrers also have disadvantages. For instance, the restricted size of the stirring bar signifies it can only be employed for quite small (under 4 liters) tests. Also, viscous liquids or solid suspensions are very tough to mix by this process, even if there are some stirrers with particular magnets to conquer this issue.