Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must if one wants to lead a quality life. However, one should give up bad habits and change one’s way of life in order to achieve this. The paper discusses seven important factors that will help one lead a healthier lifestyle.

First of all, one should quit smoking. There are many consequences associated with smoking. They include cancer, heart diseases, and bad smell, just to mention a few. Smoking also causes teeth discoloration. Moreover, smoking may result in memory loss. In addition, people who smoke are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Second, physical exercises help one keep fit and stay healthy as well. Working out every day is important for a healthy life. Exercises strengthen the body, and, thus, reduce the chances of developing various diseases. Walking at least two miles a day will help a person strengthen their cardiovascular system.

The next steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle are food habits. First, one should drink enough water and fresh juice. About 60% of an adult’s body’s mass is water. Therefore, water is important for the people’s health because it regulates the body temperature, protects sensitive tissues, lubricates the joints, and also removes waste products from the body. A person should make sure that he or she drinks at least eight glasses of water every day. Fresh juices are helpful because they contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body. Moreover, people should stop eating junk food. Indeed, such food is considered unhealthy because it contains many calories. As a result, reducing the amount of calories in the body lowers the body weight, hence improving the overall health. Therefore, people should avoid junk food in order to reduce their calories intake. Instead, they should eat health foods that should include more vegetables in the diet and fewer carbohydrates and proteins.

Finally, one should eat a heavy breakfast and a light lunch and dinner. Experts recommend heavy meals in the morning because during the day, people perform many activities and they need much energy. It is not recommended to eat heavy dinners because at night, most people sleep. Consequently, the food is not utilized in the energy production; instead, it is stored in the body, hence increasing the body weight. Moreover, controlling one’s sleeping pattern is also a vital step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep is important for a person to be well rested and active during the day. Furthermore, people are encouraged to get enough sleep to promote the rate of metabolism in their body.

To sum up, the seven steps mentioned above are critical in maintaining a healthier life. Therefore, considering them to improve one’s lifestyle and life quality is wise. Moreover, these steps are universal: people may stick to them at any age, and they do not require too much time and resources.

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