Male impotency issues can arise at any age and any stage of one’s life. There are several causes that eventually lead to male impotency issues like erectile dysfunction in men. It is important to understand and evaluate the causes before providing a prescription.

Male impotency issues may arise due to psychological and lifestyle causes too. In such cases, prescribing medicines like Edegra 100mg alone won’t help. It is necessary to resolve the issue at its core. Here we hope to explain the different causes of male impotency issues in men. We have also shared when Edegra 100mg may help and how to place order for Edegra 100mg online.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs in men due to a range of different causes. Here we have classified these causes to help you understand better:

Psychological Causes

Male impotency issues may arise due to psychological causes like stress, anxiety and depression. Some men who have been brought up in cultures that regard sex and intimacy as a taboo develop an aversion towards these as they grow up. This could be a major psychological cause resulting in ED issues.

In some couples, the compatibility or understanding between the partners is not good. Even in this case, men suffer from ED issues as a result. In case of psychological causes of male impotency issues, counselling is required. Medicine alone won’t help to rectify the issue.

Physical Causes

Men could also suffer from impotency issues due to physical causes. Physical stress and exhaustion could be one of the causes of temporary ED issues. Men also tend to suffer from temporary ED issues when they are suffering from some illness. This gets corrected as soon as the person’s health recovers.

Lifestyle Causes

There are a number of lifestyle causes that unknowingly affect the male potency. You need to be aware of these so that you can take corrective measures to avoid impotency issues. Here we have listed out a few of the lifestyle causes of male impotency issues:

• Smoking can often result in long-term hazards like erectile dysfunction in men. There are a number of other issues that arise when a man smokes regularly. That is why it is best to curb this habit right from the start.

• Lack of proper sleep can result in stress. This in turn could result in ED issues in men.

• It has been observed that men who are overweight or obese are more prone to ED issues. Sedentary lifestyle could result in weight gain. This in turn could result in ED issues.

How Edegra 100mg helps to deal with ED issues in men?

Edegra 100mg has Sildenafil Citrate as the main constituent. The Sildenafil Citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor and it inhibits the action of this hormone. This ensures rush of blood into the male organ when a man is aroused. Edegra medicine should be prescribed only to people who have a irregularity in the functioning of the PDE5 hormone causing impotency issues.

How to place your order for Edegra 100mg online?

Thanks to technology, now it is easy to place an order for Edegra 100mg online. You just need to visit the online pharmacy and add the necessary medicine to the cart. Make sure to check the strip size and the strength of the medicine before placing the order.

It is a good idea to check the return and refund policy of the site before placing the order. You may check the shipping policy to know the shipping prices before ordering. The medicine will be delivered right to your door. Ordering in bulk may help you save a few quick bucks too.