Is your stressed body not allowing you to enjoy your weekends? Our busiest life and daily stress affect our overall well-being. This condition continues to another week and makes us ill. What if we do nothing? Yes, it can lead to an overstressed life and may be the cause of high blood pressure, heart problem and diabetes. Did you know that body massage can help you to nurture your body and relax your mind too? A body massage with Ayurved products lets your body and mind to enjoy the surprising benefits.

Let your stress drained away with a massage

A full body massage can do wonders for your mental and physical health. It activates the muscles and organs, stimulates the nervous system and releases the feel good hormones. A massage with essential body oil reverses the effects of stress and rejuvenates overall health. Following are the benefits of a body massage therapy that will automatically enhance your overall wellness:

Relieves Muscle Spasm – Body massage therapy eases muscle pain and speeds up internal recovery, affected by physical effort.

Alleviates Eye Strain – A gentle massage around the head and eye assist to improve the eyesight and shuns eye redness, watery eyes and irritation.

Improves Sleep Quality – Feel-good hormones released after massage regulates sleep-wake cycles.

Boosts Blood Circulation – Body massage movements assist to improve the blood flow.

Relaxes Nervous System – Massage helps to release the nerve pressure and enables the hormone production.

Refreshes The Skin – It allows skin cells to be refreshed, removes dead skin cells and makes it radiant and glowing.

Ayurvedic Massage Provides Blissful Comfort For Body And Mind

A body massage with cinnamon contained essential oil assist to rev up the body and relaxes the mind. It acts as a powerful rejuvenator for human health. Ayurveda text states that a massage on a regular basis soothes the doshas, provides stamina and promotes longevity.

Herbal massage oils play a vital role to achieve all the benefits of the massage therapy. BIOAYURVEDA Cinnamon Perfect Poise Essential Body Oil blends the essential herbs and oils which strengthens the physical processes and balances the mind. Prepared as per the Ayurveda text, this product provides you nature’s goodness at your place. Cinnamon for face has always been an effective solution because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties. The ingredients used in this oil have been perfectly blended to manage the imbalanced nerve system. It offers its valuable customers to avail the benefits of this oil and relieve every day’s tiredness and anxiety.

Benefits of Cinnamon Contained Essential Body Oil

Fights against free radicals

Heals fungal infections

Reduces the anti-ageing signs

Recovers the body tone

Heals body ache

Improves skin elasticity

Combats tiredness and exhaustion

What Ingredients Make This Oil Effective?

Cinnamon Oil – This oil is known for its luxuriant fragrance. Enriched with anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial properties, this ingredient aids to combat bacteria and treats the infection. It improves the sleep quality, moisturizes the skin and reduces the anxiety, stress & depression.

Ajwain Oil – This popular spice is used for flavour and medicinal cures. This detox herb cleanses and purifies the skin, curbs infection and inflammation. A massage with this oil relieves the joint pain, calms down the nervous system and reduces arthritic inflammation. It eases headache and migraines.

Orange Oil – This vitamin C and citric acid enriched fruit has been an effective formula for skin health. But its anti-depressant and sedative action does miracle to relax the nervous system and alleviate the anxiety. Massage with this oil helps to balance the blood pressure, keeps the skin toned and moisturized.

Olive Oil – This oil has been used a base oil in cinnamon essential oil which penetrates the skin and relieves the pain. It is an effective herb that curbs the arthritic pain, relieves from the inflammation and supports neurological wellness.

How to Use Cinnamon Contained Essential Oil?

Take the required amount of oil on your palm and gently massage all over the body. Keep circulating the fingers until it absorbs into the skin.

Digital Stores Offering A Range of Essential Oil

Ayurvedic Online stores for skin, body and health care products have offered us an efficient way to get the organic products. In this digital world, we don’t need to wander in the market to get the nature’s goodness for our skin and body health. Herbal product online shopping also allows you to compare the products and find the best one, which suits your body and the specific need. BIOAYUVREDA has a range of premium organic products that can be easily found on its physical and online Ayurvedic store.