In recent times, Hollywood has been producing feminist films, which actors have been promoting. Many people may fail to understand what makes a film feminist; however, there are feminist film scholars who are able to interpret what makes a film feminist. Results from the research carried out have revealed that most feminist films are inclined on tales about power granted to ladies and tales of women brave enough to confront social norms in the society and change them. This type of films can be termed as power films. These films have been used to change the cultural representation of women and power in the film industry. This paper looks at a woman who has been repeatedly seen in scenes of movies trying to change how women’s roles are stereotypically defined by viewers. It also takes a look at disadvantages that have affected Megan Fox in her career in the film industry due to sexual marketing and how these disadvantages still affect new upcoming actors even now.

Megan Fox and her role in The Transformers was a very dull one. She comes out as someone who was in the movie just because of her looks. A person that has not seen her other movies would dismiss her as a wannabe actress who gets ahead in her career by using her beauty and not her brains. However, there are some other films that she has starred in that reflect another side to her personality and acting skills. A film like Jenifer’s Body, which was a hit, depicts what a good actress Megan Fox is. Clearly, the only reason she stars in movies like The Transformers is due to the fact that she has understood how Hollywood works and has decided to use this understanding to ensure that she becomes successful. Nowadays, the message that is passed to actors and other important people in Hollywood is that sex sells. Therefore, there is a certain depiction of women so as to ensure that a certain film is successful.

Even though Megan tries to use the Hollywood’s notions to her advantage, there is a disadvantage since she is an icon and a role model to many young upcoming actors. Therefore, the message that she conveys in some of these movies is that to be a successful actor one needs to use her sexuality. Moreover, a woman needs to sell herself in Hollywood to achieve success, which is not a proper message. What Megan Fox went through as she was starting out in Hollywood is the same thing that other girls still face even today. In an interview, Megan says that at the time she was 15 years old, she was sexualized in the movie The Transformers and all she did was what she was told to do. She was made into a sex symbol and she was not really considered as an actor. She says that in the film industry women are not taken seriously and they are just considered as sexual symbols. This is true since even nowadays the trend still continues and women are not taken as serious actors, but as objects of attraction and infatuation in films.

One of the disadvantages that women face in the film industry is the fact that they are not given serious roles to play in movies. They are instead taken as a product as they are merchandised and sold on a sexual basis. For women to get these roles, they are sometimes degraded to doing sexual acts and even when they get the roles, they are sold as sexual products; thus, they do not get the respect that they need. In Megan’s case, she was sold as a sexual product and she did not let that bother her; in fact, she used this to her advantage and climbed the ladders of success to reach where she is today in her career. Even so, this has its effect on how women are thought of. Looking at Megan Fox, it is evident that once she has starred in the movie The Transformers, she is seen as a sexual object by men and even at parties they would look at her as a sexually pleasing object. Women should be given the opportunity to work in roles that do not necessarily rely on their looks, but just focus on skills of the actress. In Hollywood, most girls are chosen for their looks. One might find a girl that does not have a good figure, but is a great actor being rejected for a role perfect for her just because she is not good looking enough. This in turn makes most women who are gifted actors lose hope in acting and try new careers. However, those who are courageous enough to continue persevering are not lucky enough to get good roles in movies since they always get left out due to their looks.

Aside from this, many women who reach an age of thirty are denied acting roles in movies under the notion that they are old. This has in turn made a lot of women who are around their 30ss and 40s lack any acting options. It has gone to the extent that some women actually lie about their age so that they can be accepted for movie roles. Once women are out of the 20-year bracket, they are considered as useless. This is among feminist problems that women are still going through today.

Roles that women play in movies may make one view them as only sexual objects and nothing more when really they have the capability to do marvelous things if they are given the chance. Women in Hollywood are forced to be in nude films to get the recognition they want so as to be successful. Others sleep with Hollywood executives so that they can give them acting opportunities, which is not good. Due to this, the message that female actors send to viewers is that of degradation of female actors. The most disturbing factor is that there are some female actors who are okay with this and they do not fight for their rights.

Recently, however, there have been numerous petitions by successful actresses to Hollywood executives to give women the same chances that are given to men. The fact that even when an actress gets a decent role to play in a movie, she is still not taken seriously is also an issue that women face today. It can be noted, therefore, that those female actors who embrace feminism are the ones that get ahead. Actors who are not afraid of being depicted as sexual objects are the ones who get opportunities. This sends a message that Hollywood embraces feminism, which is not a good thing.

It is clear that women need to make a stand to be taken seriously. Many campaigns have been launched to ensure that women get the same opportunities as men. From Megan Fox’s case, it is clear that even though women face this problem, they can use it to their advantage and ensure that they reach greater heights in their careers. Megan advises women not to view feminism in the film industry as a weakness, but as a strength and use it to their advantage. About the author: Alison Griffin is a bachelor in English philology and literature at Oregon University. She is currently working as one of the best writers at the analysis paper example She also studies feminine psychology