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    CNC machining process requires programming language which created using CNC software. What are the common CAD/CAM softwares used in CNC? Check out Best Free CAD Software 2020.


    UG is a product of Unigraphics solutions. The company breaks through the traditional CAD / CAM mode for the first time and provides a comprehensive product modeling system for users. In UG, the superior parametric and variable technology is combined with the traditional solid, wireframe and surface functions. This combination has been proved to be powerful in practice and adopted by most CAD / CAM software manufacturers. UG was first used in McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company. It is a software developed from two-dimensional drawing, NC machining programming, surface modeling and other functions. A perfect enterprise level CAD / CAE / CAM / PDM integrated system has been formed, which includes UNIX workstation version and windows NT microcomputer version.


    SolidEdge is real windows software. It does not move the workstation software to Windows platform rigidly, but rewrites the code by making full use of the advanced technology of windows based on COM. SolidEdge is compatible with Microsoft office and OLE technology of windows, which enables designers to carry out word processing, electronic report and database operation in windows when using CAD system. SolidEdge has a friendly user interface. It adopts an interface technology called smartribbon. As long as the user presses a command button, he can see the specific content and detailed steps of the command on the smartribbon, and prompt the user on the status bar what to do next.


    AutoCAD is the leading product of Autodesk company. Autodesk is the fourth largest PC software company in the world. At present, in the field of CAD / CAE / CAM industry, the company is the software supplier with the largest number of users in the world, and is also the largest CAD, animation and visualization software enterprise based on PC platform in the world. The software products of Autodesk company have been widely used in mechanical design, architectural design, film and television production, video game development and data development of web network. AutoCAD is the most popular two-dimensional drawing software, it has a wide range of users in the field of two-dimensional drawing. AutoCAD has powerful two-dimensional functions, such as drawing, editing, drawing section lines and patterns, dimensioning and redevelopment, and has some three-dimensional functions. AutoCAD provides AutoLISP, ads, ARX as secondary development tools. In many practical application fields (such as machinery, architecture, electronics), some software developers have developed a lot of software in accordance with practical application based on AutoCAD.


    MDT is a 3D mechanical CAD system developed by Autodesk on PC platform. It is based on three-dimensional design, and integrates design, analysis, manufacturing and document management and other functions into one; it provides users with an integrated solution from design to manufacturing. The launch of the software is generally welcomed by the majority of users. Up to now, the total sales in the world have reached 70000 sets, and nearly 1000 sets have been sold in China. Because the software and AutoCAD are from Autodesk company at the same time, they are completely integrated, and users can easily realize the conversion from 3D to 2D. MDT provides a good choice for AutoCAD users to upgrade to 3D.


    SolidWorks is a Windows based mechanical design software developed by Shengxin International Co., Ltd. Shengxin company is a professional information high-speed technology service company. It keeps pace with international CAD / CAE / CAM / PDM market in information and technology. The “CAD / CAE / CAM / PDM desktop integration system based on windows” advocated by the company is the integration of various applications with windows as the platform and SolidWorks as the core, including structural analysis, motion analysis, engineering data management and numerical control processing, etc., which provides a dream solution for Chinese enterprises. SolidWorks is a full parametric feature modeling software based on Windows platform. It can easily realize complex 3D part solid modeling, complex assembly and engineering drawing generation. The graphical interface is friendly and user-friendly (Fig. 2). The software can be used in the design and production preparation of mechanical products with regular geometry, and its price is moderate.


    Cimatron CAD / CAM system is a CAD / CAM / PDM product of Cimatron company in Israel. It is an early system to realize 3D CAD / CAM full function on Microcomputer Platform. The system provides flexible user interface, excellent 3D modeling, engineering drawing, comprehensive NC machining, various general and special data interfaces and integrated product data.