MEP stands for three technical disciplines mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services. Working with reputed MEP contractors in Dubai brings out many advantages like reduced installation costs, optimized material requirements, improved performances and code compliance.

Mechanical engineering holds an important role in the commercial, residential and industrial construction projects. Plumbing installations are subjected to various technical requirements. MEP designs helps to simplify the process. Plumbing requirements are closely integrated with mechanical and electrical engineering. Therefore it is important to have proper collaboration among electrical, mechanical and plumbing teams.

Implementation of MEP designs provides better results in the building construction process. It is the most favorable field for construction projects. MEP designs plays a very key role in the present scenario. The mechanical pat of the job done by MEP companies is known as HVAC. It involves the installation, maintenance and repairs of air conditioning, heating and ventilation units. The electrical part deals with the installation of electrical protection needed by the building. Plumbing part handles the piping installations.

MEP contractors are responsible for planning, and designing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing system along with the preparation of specifications and cost estimates. They have developed the best practice and maintenance management measures to review and update the standards on a routine basic. MEP contractors are also responsible for developing policies, reviews, and standards for capital projects. They oversee the work of contract architects and engineers and prepare plans and cost estimates of heating, ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning and other general piping systems.

Bin Dasmal Contracting is among the top MEP companies in Dubai offering MEP services and maintenance works. They are an ISO certified company with more than four decades of experience. Their services include MEP and civil works, installations, refurbishments, maintenance, retrofits etc. The company offers reliable service through their experienced and expert team.