Michael Goguen is a venture capitalist turned philanthropist who now resides in Montana, the United States of America. He wants to find solutions to various situations, which will help him to improve the lives of Americans. Goguen invests in companies that think uniquely and outside the box so that the world benefits positively from it. Michael Goguen is a very thoughtful man who always wants to give back to the society has he thinks that it is one of his responsibilities to work for his people. Michael Goguen sees the potential in people, and that is why he helps them as much as he can so that they achieve big things in their life. Michael Goguen has worked as a leading technologist for the last 30 years and has had a very successful run amongst all his contemporaries. However, now he has left the silicon valley behind and has plans to settle down in Montana for once and all. Michael Goguen is a kind-hearted man who is very humble despite all his successes.