In MLB The Show 19, you will have playable training sessions that will allow you to play interactive mini-games that directly affect your gain and development in the gym. You can select from physical training sessions as well as a series of mini-games of which you will have to prove your skill. This is something new included in the game, since through the mini-games you will have the opportunity to gain experience, this is a way of not doing what the game previously offered, apart from a strong training, these games make you come out of the normal routine of the game, so we can find MLB 19 Stubs from the game. 

From March to October is a new game mode for MLB The Show 19. This new mode only focuses on the most important games and moments of your team. As you progress through the season, the unique content of narrative comments will progressively and dynamically develop the essential story of the campaign of the team selected by you, in my case as mentioned above, my team is the Yankees and in this way I was able to play the historical moments of the team, traveling to a brilliant past full of iconic moments.

The user performance in these games will really count, since the results of the games he plays will have a factor of team momentum, influencing the performance of his team between each episode played and the next. You will be involved in each episode with maximum action and intrigue. It’s about taking your team to the postseason and beyond. Your balance under pressure will determine the fate of your chosen team season. The more difficult the difficulty, the greater the booty.

Diamond Dynasty is an online mode that allows you to play the game your way and win the prizes you want and this year San Diego Studio has made changes in this mode. The game features a new XP reward path, this means you can unlock great rewards at any time throughout the game no matter what game mode you prefer, you can earn XP to use it on everything from Diamond players to special unlockable items.

In the new Team Affinity section, you can earn rewards by accumulating tickets with players from your favorite team. The more tickets you play, the more specific rewards per team you will earn. It also brings to Signature Series that it’s a new set of unlockable, rare and powerful players that take Diamond Dynasty to new levels.

Conquest is receiving an important update, in this way you open your way on the maps, playing strategic games to unlock prizes. They have also added all the new maps with new scenarios, where you can attack the strongholds and even be able to steal the fans of the opposing teams. The new challenges of Conquest will require your best skills and strategies to unlock more rewards.

As for the multiplayer mode, this mode really has a big impact with the Diamond Dynasty mode, as we already know in that mode you can compete with friends who have the game as well as with strangers. The multiplayer experience has been key in the previous MLB The Show 19 Stubs deliveries, deliveries, this game has some heavy graphics that I will talk about later, therefore a good connection of both players is needed to have an optimal quality at the moment of the challenge between both gamers