If you are an absolute beginner, UI design or User Interface design in the app world is digital medium that a user interacts with. So your role as a UI designer is to prepare all the visual elements that come together to make up the user interface.

Best Mobile App design Company are those that keep the consumer coming back to the product or service you offer in this highly competitive digital realm Game Development Company. That is why when it comes to UI designs one does not have the option to go the wrong way. So here are the trending best practices and mistakes while designing that are a serious turn-off for your end user.

Let Their Thumbs do the Talking:

Make everything the user needs readily assessable, whether it’s a series of design tools for web design apps, the inventory for a character in a video game, a spreadsheet or anything else, if the user can’t find what they want they bounce of your software.

If you use WordPress the admin toolbar gives user the ability to quickly get to the post editor, team customizer, their plug-in setting and so on just by tapping the top of the screen.

Consistency is Key:

Your application has to have a signature which means whatever device or platform the app is being used to access your app, your key features or the way the app look should be consistent. Don’t have the menu on top of one page and at the bottom at another page. Don’t rearrange menu items every time the application loads.

It is important that your users know where things are at your portal, this develops a sense of trust towards your users and helps place your brand in the minds of the user.

Be Direct:

Design you Custom iOS Development Company app in such a way that it guides the user towards the unique features that it includes. Clarity means that you want your users to know what to do at all times. The user should not be confused about the purpose of any feature or page because there is no clutter.

One way to achieve clarity is to move from one step to another on different pages. Instead of having a check out process as the users scroll down the page have your users navigate to a product page to a check out page.

Don’t Make it Too Wordy:

One of the most common mistakes is that armature designers make is the use of too many words, too much text in there design. This might be their slide, or info graphic and so on. So what you want to stick with are visual cues and just the inclusion of the essential elements.

Reducing the amount of content doesn’t not confuse the user and humans being visual learners remember what they see, so include appropriate visual cues to make the process of understanding your app easier.

Make Use of Negative Space:

In terms of negative space think about your living room. You have your TV at one spot and your couch and your coffee table at one spot, you have your empty space in between. And the same applies to UI designs.

Free space is actually a great thing for designs. One of the great example is Google’s Homepage, it’s about the search and the main component that’s there is the search bar, every other information is displayed in small fonts at the side and also navigate to other pages when the user interacts with the feature.