Businesses need reaching the end users the fastest possible way. The present times belong to the mobile-based business. The mobile phone is the touch point that is being used most fervently by the users. Thus, if the business is not mobile-friendly, it is losing on a large chunk of possibilities to create revenue. People prefer using an app instead of going to that city showroom and standing in long queues for billing. This is how the face of the business space has changed. Applications, therefore, have become the most important tool for the businesses to keep up with the changing times.

There is a kind of app available for the kind of device that any user owns. The apps need having compatibility with the operating systems that are usually seating on the devices. On the basis of the compatibility with the OSs, the applications are classified as iOS applications and Android applications. The other basis of classification is the web and mobile. Those applications that are compatible with web browser and can be accessed using desktops or mobile phones are called as web applications. The other type is mobile application, which is built solely for the mobile phones.

Types of applications which are normally possible to achieve with the help of mobile app developers India

Mobile applications are designed to bring down the operational cost of the business. Thus, the responsiveness of application is one of the most desirable factors. The mobile app development company in India also ties up with the device makers and creates applications fully compatible with those devices. You find these applications as in-built. Here is an overview of the popular types of applications available:

a. Native apps: These apps appear as icons on your mobile phone. You can download them from the app stores like Google Play or iTunes, depending upon the type of OS they are made for. Mostly, these appear as icons on the home page of the mobile phone. The app is made fully compatible with the device chosen. It utilizes all the features of the device to the fullest and offers an unparalleled experience of use to the device owner. In other words, the native apps are made specifically for a device. These apps represent the functionalities of the mobile phone and help the user enjoy the phone to its full potential.

b. Web mobile apps: These are the applications that can be made by an Android app development company having basic knowledge of app development. These apps are made for browsers, which can be run both on the desktops, laptops and mobile phones. The user can simply open the browser in the device and reach to the application just like they access the websites. You must have accessed social media platforms at least once this way. So, that social media site is nothing but the web app. While using this as a web app, you will mostly be asked whether you want to switch to the mobile app. This is done basically to extend better user experience as the mobile OS can run the application the better way and make it easier to access and use.

c. Hybrid apps: As the name implies, these apps are available both as the web app and the mobile app. As a web app, these will be available at the app store for downloading. Further, they are HTML-based, just like a web page, when used in the form of web app. Their mobile app format allows these taking the advantage of the device features. Thus, the users can find these apps reachable irrespective of the device used.

So, these are some of the application types that the app developers have mastered to make their services relevant to all types of businesses.